Got all 6 of the skeins of Koigu ready to start knitting on gloves for MG in Az., may or may not use all the colors depending how they go together once I start knitting. Have several other reddish shades in smaller amounts that might work in as well. Just a pair of fingerless gloves for me out of Koigu leftover bits before I start knitting on the red ones, my fingerless gloves are almost see thru and not very warm during this bit of cold weather. -17°C (1°F) yesterday morning and just a touch colder this morning. Shifting the down comforter has allowed me to sleep plenty warm now and last night even put on wool bed socks. Sure makes a difference when my feet are warm.

Went out to knitting bee yesterday in glorious downtown Tatla Lake, 6 ladies there, including a newbie and another that doesn't come every time, had a good time and learned all about chin whiskers etc. Stopped afterwards at the clinic about what I call a low grade earache, after looking inside just a build up of wax so will start oil in ear at bedtime, then b/p check, good, blood sugar, good and the a flu shot, covered all the bases while there.

Tonight is the start of what I call weekend football games, pro tonight and Sunday and Monday, CFL on Friday and college (my favorite) on Saturday, means lots of knitting time, hope to finish at least one of the fingerless gloves (or more) for me by tomorrow night.

I had hoped to be able to go to town this week but with the cold temps decided it was smarter to wait a bit, anything I am out of I can live without. May even be able to find some of the stuff locally carrots and cabbage for soups are the most desired.


  1. Those colors for the gloves are great - can't wait to see them!

  2. Sending warm thoughts your way. It's colder here this week, but nothing to compare to your temps!
    I'm glad you are knitting for yourself first! Great Koigu colors.

  3. Splendid colors. Just looking at them warms me.


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