First eye done, cataract surgery 23rd in Williams Lake.had a friend in town that day and was able to second for me (driver). Still a bit blurry so can't tell if it was the sucess I was hoping for. Second eye the 18th Ocober. Knitting on a time out until vision clears, working down the foot of the first red sock from the 4 way bundle. Probably half way down the patterned foot.. Once this pair is finished will move onto the dark gray pr using only variegated colours. One of the hardest things I do is change my queen sized bed. Usualy do so every Sunday but with eyes funny did it Tuesday instead. Use flannel sheets the year round, when temp can slip below freezing any time in summer always feels good for flannel. Have had temps in the mid 20's F already and poplar leaves are turning fast, won't be long before they start to come down. Hopefully with several college football games that I want to watch on Saturday I'll be able to do a little knitting. Glad that nothing

Travels & Such

Left home Thursday 4th for town, ultrasound up at hospital (all clear), prescription at SaveOn. Motel 4th. Friday the 5th drove to Merritt in a round about way, down to hiway #8, finding it closed so back up to Ashcroft and across to Merritt. Saturday the 6th was the Merritt's Mesa spin in, a perfect venue and one of the best spin ins I've been to. Hope we all meet there again. Then Sunday 7th headed south visiting in Langley with old friend Sally. The 8th down to states, first time in 3 years, hasn't changed a bit. Had lunch with Val S. at Stanwoods in Northgate area, passed Sue Wilsons spinning wheel back to Val, I just never got on with it. Had a pair of socks with that just happened to fit Val, waiting on pix from her.. 10th saw me heading north, crossing the border, piece of cake, hadn't bought anything but 2 skeins yarn and 2 16 " circular needles, a few groceries from Fred Meyers. Home Friday after a stop in Ashcroft to pick up 75 pounds tomatoes, for m

Knitting Time Out

Went to the clinic in Tatla on Friday to see Dr Rob, he looked everything over and then decided to remove a bump on the back of my right hand. And decided to send it to the lab in Wms Lk to be looked over, so incision prolly a bit over and inch 1/4 long, took 5 stitches to close. Tad bit sore for any knitting. Using the cane in my right hand doesn't work well at all. Seems as tho bear activity has slowed way down. haven't seen one in my yard since the 9th. Pretty sure from their leavings that they are still around I just haven't seen them. And only keep track of the ones I can see right in my house yard. Dalmation toad flax (noxious weed) took off this year like I've never seen, seems like half my yard is yellow. Local weed knocker downer was here yesterday and said he woud try and come as soon as he could and using his quad to hook up to brush hog will get whole yard done in about an hour. Much safer when things start to dry up, less of a fire hazard.

Socks & Critters

All four socks now have the heels done and turned, the purple pair have stitches picked up for the gusset. Won't ever do this experiment again, much prefer one or maybe two on needles at a time. Will now set the other 3 aside and finished the purple sock and do its mate, then continue working on just one at a time until they are done. Bear situation slowing down, have only seen 2 black bears in last week or so. Hopefully they have moved to the high country where they belong this time of year. Summer was so slow starting that the high country still had a good bit of snow and very little for them to eat. Last black didn't exactly present for the best pix, by the time I grabbed camera he was headed into the shadows. The valley has had enuff rain that everything is as green and growing fast as it could be. Including the most invasive nasty Dalmation toad flax, the yellow flower much resembles one called butter and eggs, unfortunately nothing eats it or almost nothing kil

And another one

This time a sow grizzly with two of this years cubs. Two pix altho first wasn't worth saving, second shows sow and the two cubs. Can just see my east fence in the background.

Another one

While I sit to spin have chair situated so that I can see out of south and east windows. Spinning on the 6th watching for critters first thought that I had see the back of a deer in the high grass, then critter moved and no deer just a grizzly. Also had a big bunch of neighbours cows on the east side of my fence (more or less allowed), then bear started moving, cows weren't near as nervous as I thought they might be and bear didn't pay them any attention at all. Glad I had camera close by. Seems as every bear I've seen this year is strolling up this way from the south, must be a good batch of clover somewhere that way. Progress on the 4 pair of socks, first pix taken May 16th, second this morning. Hoping I don't have a notion to start anything else until at least two socks are done (but I wouldn't bet on it).

Tis the season of the bear

Saw the first of the 2022 season on May 20th, cinnamon coloured grizzly walking down my driveway at 7:20 am. By the time I grabbed my camera it had headed up on hillside above drive, no picture. Next was a black bear eating dandelions over by the cattle guard on May 26th. . Then on May 28 th a sow black with 3 (I think) yearling cubs again not in a good place for a pix. May 29 another black (could easily be same black as on the 26th, not about to get close enuff to ask. Neighbours up and down the valley are seeing them everywhere. So anytime I'm in the wool room (lots of windows) I'm always on a swivel watching for critters. Dr. Coetze in Tatla increased the blood thinner I take (Eliquis) from 2.5 mg twice a day to 5 mg twice a day, so in last week cutting onions did a nice slice on my left theumb, bled pretty good for a day ad a half, finally put steri strips on it to hold it shut, that did the trick. Now just a nice scar (another one of many). Made knitting and or spinni