The ugliest Monstersocks ever

First off I want to thank everyone that left a comment after the last post. Gathered up a bunch of odds and sods, enuff I hope for another pair of Monstersocks, this time not much advance sorting. Kept the mostly light shades in one bag and the much darker colours in another. Started with a light colour then two of the darker. Aiming for the ugliest Monstersocks ever. The two bags on the floor beside my chair, reaching in and knitting with whatever I've grabbed. Then keeping the just finished ball out of the bag so I don't end up using the same until time to start over with the colours. So far the sock is suitable ugly. Its now been a bit over three months since I went into town, middle of October started with a bad cold then the weather turned crappy, kept putting it off. Even walking with a cane my balance isn't the greatest and am terrified of falling so just stayed home. Audra and another neighbour have brought me milk, eggs and bread from Tatla, that plus c

First post of 2023

After finishing this pair of blues and green I easily had enuff of the yarn used to make another pair. But just to be safe and sure I added the ball of the purple. Second sock of the new blues, greens and purple almost down to the heel. And I finally finished the red socks for Lynne A. I have another pair of socks with patterned foot on the go but I think it will be the last pair I make like that, arthritis in my left hand makes it hard to hold the second colour while doing patterns. The weather has finally got itself back to normal January temps, still in the low 20's° F but so much easier to take than the -37° below zero F. If you are a regular reader of my blog please leave a comment once in awhile.

More nasty cold temps

The second blast of arctic air arrived 17th December, 5 nights when temps were below -30° c with the coldest on first day of winter -36.9. For now temps are back to what is normal for December. I'd bet my yarn stash that there will be another bout of extreme weather before winter is over. I am very grateful that the propane truck came down and filled my tank on the 15th just ahead of of the arctic air. Redish socks for LA are now well down the foot, can only work on them in the morning when my left hand isn't to sore, arthritis is a PIA. Just plain solid colours (no patterns) are OK in small increments. Did finish the blue - green Monstersocks and have enuff of the odds to easily make another pair. The socks for neighbours grands arrived and they fit. Over the years I have made 30 pair for these two kids. Think the Mom is keeping them for memories and if and when these kids have kids of their own. I've been keeping track of patterns for a sleeve to sleeve sweaters

This & That

Had a nasty arctic front blow in the last of November and then on December 1st it hit -32.3 C, furnace went full bore all day, the wool room heater also ran non stop. Layers kept me warm enuff. Not looking forward to another but Environment Canada says another is on the way. Finished two pair socks for neighbours grands, kids get socks and neghbours haul my garbage to the dump. Good deal all around. Next back to work on the red socks for LA, nearly to the heel on second sock. Nothing much exciting going on around here, traffic on road is quiet and I think hunters are gone now for the season. Very little snow on the ground, thats OK with me as I soon need to make a trip to town, dentist, haircut and a big load of groceries. Looking forward to the World Junior hockey games starting on Boxing day, IMHO the best part of boxing day crap. If stores didn't sell it on black friday they just move it forward to boxing day and try again. And 99% of the time prices are the same as before

Grey Mornings and Blue Days

This morning started out with mountains all socked it with grey down about half way, then close to noon crud burned off and sky was as blue as it could be. The arctic air that was around the valley has finally moved east, got down to -22° here several mornings, I even shut the bedroom window. Back working the second wild and crazy red sock, ribbing all done and first pattern well underway. It will be a fraternal twin to the first, same colours but in different places. Even the patterns will be in diff. places. Red will stay the same in ribbing, and heel, with different coloured toes. First thing this morning put a frozen chicken carcass in soup pot, its now been deboned and goodies (bones etc.) will go to the dump by and by. Celery, carrots and chicken pieces now back in pot, will soon add about 3/4 cup rice, will be enuff to last the weekend. Lots of football on the tube and nice to know I won't have to miss any action while I cook something for supper.

First sock and second eye

Went into town a week ago with Jeanie as my driver, second eye done Tuesday, stayed overnight again for followup on Wednesday morning, all is welll. It progressed faster than first eye, can now see well enuff to do without my glasses. With lots of days with funny vision I am behind on my sock knitting, but finally finished the first red sock. Well into the ribbing on sock number 2, since they are going to be fraternal I don't have to keep track of the patterns I used on #1. I did keep the colours I used in a seperate bag. New snow the last little while on all the south west mountains, with temps well down into minus temps likely to stay. Yesterdays low was -9.6°. I've got snow tires on the car, ice spike on my cane, cleats on my boots, and snow shovel at the ready by back door. About as ready as I can do. And a pretty well stocked pantry.


Into town on Wednesday morning with lots of errands to get done, then with plans to sit myself with knitting at Kal Tire in Wms Lk on Thursday 8 am, hoping for a no show or cancellation for tire changeover. Sure enuff a no show just before 9am, very haapy to see my car going in. Done and out of there just aafter 10 am. So now car ready for winter with snow tires installed. Then a run thru of SaveOn and headed west after 11:30. Stopped at the clinic in Tatla on the way home and got annual flu shot, another winter coming chore done. While waiting got about 30 + rows done on current sock another few rows and I'll be at toe decrease. Lots of football on the telly over the weekend so should finish first sock and get started on second. Weather has been unusually mild for this time of year, low 20's daytime highs and 0° or lower overnight. But awfully dry could use several days of rain.