More Socks

 Long time. 

Made these for a  lady  in  Banff,  she chose the colours. When I sent a pix she said she didn't like  where and how I'd placed the colours in the patterns. Slowly I replied. Then she said when I knit the next pair to put this colour with another etc, again  slowly (burn underway)  I told her that it didn't work that way.  Wouldn't do another, so she said she'd take them the way they were with a discount.  Honey, to late sold them elsewhere. And I 'm glad I don't take any  money  up front. Fraternal and size 10.

Have come really close to making the ugliest Monstersocks, bottom pix are closest so far.

Was without the internet from 15 - 29 April, amazing how  much  knitting time that freed up. Did the  3 pair shorties in  that  time frame, mix and match.  All are the same number of rows approx sized 7.5 to 8.5.


Next pair  were to fill an older order.

Spring has finally sprung, dandelions in yard, with lots of deer nibbling off the tops, grass and weeds in yard are all green. and the bears are out and about. Haven't see one in the yard yet but have seen piles where they've  been.


  1. Good for you not knitting another pair and selling to her with a discount. All your socks are incredible, even the monster socks.

  2. Don’t EVER let someone downplay your beautiful work. Glad to know you’re ok.

  3. Thankyou for sharing such as nice fashion collections.wool mens gloves

  4. Rather than Monsters, I think of them as merely exuberant. What's the point of living so long if you can't knit what brings you joy? There are plenty of size 10s out there who'd be pleased with them.

  5. I’m a 10 and I would gladly have bought them. Art is not made to order!

  6. What kind of weather are you having up there in BC? Hope there aren't any wildfires like in California.

  7. Thinking of you, hope you are well! Happy knitting.


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