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Spent a good bit of time after lunch resetting my Apple password, have now typed it so many times that not likely I'll ever forget it. As of right this minute look like change is successful. Now hopefully I'll be able to send email from my iPad.

30 + rows on the foot now complete on Monstersockkal sock. Using Hazel Knits for the main color and odds and sods for the patterns. Second sock will again use the blue and probably change the order of the pattern colors.

Went out to Tatla last Thursday for blood letting, again my INR is to low, so DR changed the amount of Warfarin again, must be 5 changes in last couple of months. So much so that I am now writing down the amounts.

There was new snow on all the west mountains last Thursday and once up out of the valley snow along the road almost all the way to Tatla. Will be getting my snow tires on when I go out for Desert Mesa just after Thanksgiving. Prolly around October 9, will soon phone Kal Tire and make an appointment.

Stuff Sept.12

Difficult to find something to write about on the blog, haven't been anywhere nor have I talked to many on the phone, just plain boring life (and I wouldn't have it any other way). Now that football is on 5 days and nights a week should be getting lots of knitting time (pro and college).

Neighbor Len Knight came up yesterday to look over my not working furnace in wool room, he and his electrician buddy think it is a thermal couple, called place I bought furnace and jerk I talked to said they don't carry that brand anymore, said he would try and find one and call me back, not. With freezing temps forecast for next week or so will let small electric heater try and do the job.

Still working on a Monstersock for KAL, not at all sure  of where they will go, especially since instead of casting on my usual 72 sts I somehow did 76, so they will be plenty roomy at the top of the sock. Have already decreased down to 72 and will do two more dec until I am at 64 somewhere around the a…

Town trip

Finally got into town, left here Tuesday morning and got all running around done by 3:30, Wednesday hit Beaver Valley Feed store just after 9 am and bought 10.5 pounds tomatoes (that's one of the really important things I had to do) then into grocery store for a major order and home by 3pm. The tomatoes were well worth the trip, have had one or more with every meal since I got home, cottage cheese and tomatoes are for me a perfect meal.

Just before town trip finished the current Monstersocks, used the teal-y green for top, heel and toe, lots of small balls got used up in this pair. Will likely start another pair but this time think I am going to just use a ball of self patterning Opal, not near as many ends to deal with that way.
Getting a bit of rain sprinkles this morning, very welcomed. Smoke is still so thick I can't see the mountains, when they do show up would almost bet there will be new snow up there. 51°F right now, even had heat on briefly in wool room, but would muc…


Between the heat of a couple of weeks ago and most of this weeks smoke, its been hard to breathe. This morning low so far is 34.7 F, cool enuff in wool room that I have heat on (as well as wool socks and a long sleeved flannel shirt). I'll take this weather any day over the heat.

I went to Tatla on Thursday for blood letting (INR), then truck didn't come to pick same up, so will have to go back on Tuesday to start over. Then maybe just maybe I might carry on and go into town. I have been thinking about tomatoes, on toast, with cottage cheese and just sliced on my plate for supper. They are supposed to be in at Beaver Valley Feed store, wouldn't mind a feed of sweet corn as well. As well a trip thru the big grocery store would work well, am out of a whole bunch of stuff. Have someone lined up to help unload my car when I get home. Also will stop Wally World for a new popcorn popper, mine after 30 + years as quit.

Second of the Monstersocks well down the foot, with football …

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday and 5-6 days before that were hot and clear, really hot for in here. Most unusual for that stretch of +30°C days in a row, never have sweat so much before. Then today rolls in at least 15° cooler so much so that I"m back to wool socks and a long sleeved flannel shirt, and it feels wonderful. But whats really unsettling is the smoke filling the valley, we think its coming from the fire up the Klinaklini river valley. I know my west mountains are still there but only showing a shadow right now, just after noon and I have a bunch of house lights on. Its that dark from the smoke.
The smoke is what drove me out of here last summer when the fires were so much closer, ended up in Prince George for a bit over two weeks where breathing was so much batter. May have to think about heading somewhere where smoke isn't this thick.

Knitting tho continues moving along, about half way down the leg of second Monstersock.  Not exactly a matching pair but then life is to short for matc…

Tuesday 2nd

For the last two plus weeks as soon as I got up opened every window in the house, hoping it would cool down before sun came over east mountain, didn't work. Temps were in mid 30°s C every day. And then today came about was glad to leave windows closed, it felt wonderful to be cool again. And now at just after noon its +17° with thunderman and lightfoot visiting. I am keeping fire phone number right close to phone just in case. Sky now to south west is about as black and ugly looking as it could possibly be.

Current pair of Monstersocks, thought that I would use a solid color in between each of the variegated colors on the leg, but soon forgot, so just used the main color green after two vari colors, then foot is just all vari colors, have enuff left to use on foot so that I will not have used any color twice in whole sock. And of course will switch colors all around on second sock. True Monstersocks using all leftover bits.

Think I'll go and put water on for a second cup of co…

Friday 20th

After tweaking my repaired right knee (plying the old fashioned way) and finding spinning for more than 5 minutes to be a tad uncomfortable, brought out my Hansen mini spinner (electric). I much prefer spinning the traditional way but right now just can't do it. I bought the mini spinner for just this purpose, have had it for at least 4 years knowing that some where down the road I might need it. Its taking me a a bit to get comfortable using it, time will help. Think when I bought it I was counting on using it just for plying, surprise I am finding I like to spin on it as well.

This is what I was plying (using the Woolee Winder on my S90), have two more bobbins of same yarn ready to ply. Will end up with close to a pound of sock weight yarn, some of it may do a run thru of a dye pot. I don't remember what I was thinking when I bought a pound from Mary-anne Smith more than a couple of years ago.

Am seeing lots of deer in my yard in early morning, around 6-7 am. yesterday a nic…

July 4

Slowly finishing the variegated pink-lavender roving, vintage stuff from my stash. Its merino-nylon from Smith & Ewe. First bobbin is just about full, have a second bobbin needing more to fill it up.

Yesterday I skeined 4 200 yds each of a bright variegated green and then 3 of a much more muted green, am not at all happy with my plying, need help. Some places in the skeins are OK most of the rest under plied. Going to re read Alden Amos' book and try to start over.

After sending a bunch of emails the end of June saying I hadn't seen a bear yet this season, sure enuff on July 1st saw a sow black bear with two of this years cubs, they weren't in a place to get pix, dark bears up against a dark bunch of trees and bushes.

June 28

Have had electric heat on for the last couple of days, when its -2°C (28°F) house gets quite cold by morning. Wool socks, sweater but still cool enuff for some heat. Never fear July is coming and surely we should be getting more summer weather.

Finished the second 4 oz bundle of the BFL that I bought at conference. one more to go, had thought about re carding #3 and adding mohair but hip is not going to allow me to stand at carder, tried sitting down but then to low and awkward.

Did get into town last Friday for many errands, #1 being to pay property taxes. Saw DR on Friday and got all prescriptions renewed for another year. Current dosage of Warfarin is keeping INR stable for this week anyway.

Knitting bee this week was just Christine and myself, might just as well put it on hold for the rest of the summer, seems like everyone is to busy or doesn't want to drive to downtown Tatla Lake.

Picking up about a pound of just picked spinach after lunch, not supposed to be eating to much …

June 21

Thunderman and Lightfoot complete with a few minutes of hard rain, hoping the valley gets more of the wet stuff. The 19th saw a lightening strike with fire along what is called Halfway South road, goes up into an area that was logged some time ago. Made for a scary night. Fire crew got on it really quick so by the next mid day fire was contained. Relief.
Soccer on the telly Argentina vs Croatia, so far game is ho hum, bad ref from a long time ago. Half time now.

Working on a pair of Monstersocks using up a good bit of leftover bits Solid blues with variegated same then solid greens with variegated , all with a dark steel gray in between each color.

Am well into second 4 oz bundle of the natural colored BFL, am hoping to have it all finished before the TdeF starts in early July. As far as I know I'll be home almost all the days of the Tour this year.

Left several windows open all night, one in living room and two in wool room, was nice and fresh this morning, got in my 45 minutes s…

Tuesday 19th

Up early to finish the first 4 oz of the BFL bought at conference, much cooler to spin at 6 am than later in the day when it is supposed to be 34°C (93°F), then after today back to more comfortable temps. Have two more of the 4oz bundles of the BFL, will get started on second hopefully before it gets to hot.
Knitting bee cancelled this week on account of the heat, I am supposed to go to clinic for INR blood work, but will wait until next week. INR still bouncing all around, 1.6 last week. Will see DR in town on Friday for prescription refills and hopefully what I can do to stabilize, the INR numbers. Will also be getting a haircut, paying property taxes and getting into the bank for other assorted bill paying.

Once it gets hot I'm going to work on current sock, more than half way down the foot, maybe even finish it while watching World Cup soccer on the telly.

Wednesday 13th

Have finally got back to my normal mornings, have coffee while reading email and the news on puter, then when timer goes off (after 45 minutes) shut puter down and move over to spinning wheel. Try and get at least 45 minutes at the wheel, then either more woolie stuff like plying or skeining just plied yarn. Very much enjoy everything about my addiction except plying, but know its a necessary evil. Spinning the BFL that I bought at conference, like it a lot (except for the nasty guard hairs in fiber). Aiming to have it done before TdeF starts in July. Planning on spinning more of the Corriedale pencil roving I got from LK. Have one more of the multi colored purple-ish will randomly ply two of the purple-ish colors once its all spun.

Went to Tatla yesterday for INR blood stuff, then to knitting bee, just Christine and me to start, Jeanie came along close to lunch time, left early cause it was cold in church eating area, once in car turned heat up on high, not bad for almost the middle …

This and That

Home from 2018 conference of NwRSA held this year in Olympia, WA. Facilities this year were great, Red Lyon hotel, with everything under one roof, no long walks to meals, classes or spinning room.  General consensus of everyone there thought it was outstanding so much so that it will be held there again in 2019.

I only bought one bit of a BFL mix roving. Got 12 oz and once spun (and sufficiently aged) will ply with another BFL-Silk mix that I already have spun, also have a BFL-mohair mix so will likely do a 3 ply for super strong sock yarn.

Return home was a bit tricky as I-5 was completely closed so taking directions from Sharon (she lives in Bellevue so knows the area) I drove around the traffic mess. Then stopped in Bellingham and bought lunch to take with me to Carol and Toms place, deli meats, swiss cheese, 2 deli salads and big sandwich buns, then ended up with a motel in B-Ham for the night. Got passport pix in the morning (for renewal) and did a run thru of Fred Myers for groc…

Sock Stuff

Finished the socks that had been in timeout.

Briefly thinking that my sock knitting had hit a wall, for overnight didn't have a clue what I wanted to do next, but with yesterdays knitting bee coming up knew I had to start something. So a ball of a dark gray Opal, many leftovers bits of greens (variegated and solid), then same in blues. So far so good, may end up being another pair to add to my stash. For some strange reason socks that are almost 10 years old are getting a bit thin on the bottom.

Went to Tatla yesterday for blood letting (INR), then carried on to knitting bee where I finally delivered in person to Andrea the socks that I so struggled to finish. Much blood sweat and even tears at times.

All the places where I crossed the river (twice) and Crazy Creek (once) were very high, so far both seem to behaving, but today's high temps (+27° C) may encourage more melting in the high country. As long as both stay away from the road will keep me happy.

Yellow jackets - wasps…

This & That

Socks that had been in time out while I finished socks for Andrea are back in the game, turned the heel last night (while watching hockey) this morning down the decreases for the gusset. All leftover bits of Regia Kaffee Fassett from other socks, have already used up 2 smaller balls (colors I will miss further down the foot).

 Then to use up more handspun from the ever increasing stash I bought the pattern for Stephen West's Penguono. As of right now thinking I'll use several blues (variegated) and a few blue green mixes, think I prolly have enuff handspun on hand to make almost everyone I know the jacket. Will be awhile before I can get to it still have a couple of sock orders to do, then will nicely refuse any more orders for some time.

Still getting frost most mornings, -1° this morning at 6:30 am, up early again as stupid nesting geese did a fly by and with bedroom window open can hear them just fine. The little peninsula that they usually have their nest on is currently u…


Have finally finished the socks for Andrea, started mid January and finished May 11, must be longest time frame for any socks for me.
Hydro guys cut limbs that might interfere with power line last fall then we got lots of snow so they have just now come back to run limbs thru the big industrial chipper. Then the bucket went up high to get the ones that they couldn't reach, really scalped some of my trees.
A couple more pix from Williams Lake spin in on May 5th.

Denise in the longest yardage in 15 minutes competition,  and a group shot (me included in orange top) next to Denise..

Not much else new and excitingly different unless I count the Saskatoon bushes starting to blossom and right on schedule Tatlayoko was the coldest spot in BC at 7 am this morning, -2.2C.

Home from Williams Lake Spin In

Left Friday morning for Wms Lk and Spin In on Saturday, lots of deer (can you say dodge em), did see 4 black bear in various places. No time to get pix as they were either in a bad spot or ran as soon as car got close. So back home Sunday 3ish, unloaded perishables and will get wheel and the rest in yet today.

Spin In was as usual a perfect day. First thing Saturday morning I dropped my car off at Kal Tire so they could do winter tire change over, they gave me a ride to church for spin in, that left Denise to load all my stuff to the church and load all again when it was time to break up since my car was still at Kal tire. Alice gave me a ride to pick up the car just before 4, then back up to Denise's for the night. Then Sunday morning Denise reloaded stuff into my car, meaning she handled everything 3 times.

 Blogger is acting weird, can't put cursor where I want it. So to finish the trip, picked up groceries (not much) and headed west, home just after 3. Have a whole lot mo…


None in my yard anymore and even green grass showing up, and if we got some rain everything would jump. Lots of catkins on poplar trees may even have new leaves show up sometime this week, that is the best colour green ever.

Andrea's socks moving right along, have turned heel and down into first pattern on the foot of the second sock. Will be ever so glad to finally finish them.

Heading into town on Friday for the Williams Lake spin in on Saturday, have several things to do on Friday banking, summer haircut, picking up prescription refills, and finally getting winter tires off the car (about 4 weeks late because of ever lingering snow squalls), think finally we might be done with such.Also will plan on stopping at Staples to look for a new mouse for laptop, current model (old) no longer scrolls in either direction.

Took ice pick off my cane, put ice cleats off my winter boots away until next October, even moved heavy winter jacket into storage for the summer.

Nice enuff at 12°C (…

Desert Mesa spring 2018

Home yesterday from Desert Mesa trip, left here Tuesday April 3, optometrist appointment Tuesday 3 pm for field test, then dropped off inc tax stuff at accountant, banking, and lots more running.

Picked up Deb at her folks place Thursday and south to Cache Creek for DM. Smaller group in the spring but all my BC family showed up. Karen and her dragon scarf and just after lunch before everyone showed up to resume spinning.

I had a list of stuff to look for but ended up not buying anything, enuff stash here at home to last for a really long time.

Back up to Williams Lake Sunday after lunch, on Monday DR appointment (he wants lots of blood tests) then Tuesday picked up groceries and headed west. Lots more produce and fruit. Had planned on buying a rotisserie chicken but they weren't ready yet when I was in the store, I can usually get 2 suppers, 2 chicken sandwich lunches then 3 or 4 nights of soup. Next time for sure.


Finally got to go into town, left Tatla Lake after knitting bee on the 21st, first thing I did was get a haircut(3 inches whacked off), then up to Denise & Lens around 4:30. Thursday was the big run around, oil change and car wash, bank, Wally World, and a very thorough eye exam, by the time that was over was ready to quit, so back up the hill to D&L's. Friday morning got into the grocery store, bought every kind of lettuce that SaveOn sells along with a box of mixed organic salad greens, peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc. Oranges, kiwi fruit, apples and a few bananas, 4 full bags of just produce. Home just after 3, unloaded perishables and called it enuff. John & Sahnte came on Saturday and brought everything else in.

Took Andrea's sock to work on and got 2 patterns after 25 rows ribbing done. Andrea was here for the KB and tried sock on, fits like it was made for her. One pix with all my row counters showing/

Today decided to get afterthought…


Sock for Andrea continues to move right along, completed heel since I last wrote and now almost 40 rows down the foot. If all goes according to plan should finish #1 in next few days. Then will immediately start on #2.

When I'm not knitting have been (sit down and get ready)  plying, the most disliked part of spinning my own yarn. Was absolutely necessary, didn't have any empty bobbins. So far have done two light gray, 2 variegated leftovers, and 2 half full assorted greens. The bottom layer on the big plying bobbin is the assorted greens, current mix is more blue-green stuff. Pixs below.

Can actually see a bit of bare ground, where driveway was plowed. With temps at night since well below freezing and daytime highs in upper 40's to low 50's the snow has settled and started melting even in some places water is running down hill.

I put off my planned trip to town will wait another week. Sahnte and John are going in Thursday and will pick up LE Cukes, tzatziki and navel …

This and That

I've been giving some of my handspun leftovers to Christine at our knitting bee's, she so far has made a sweater and two vests. This has happened over maybe a two year period. Latest vest. Glad to see the leftovers used and appreciated.
 Two or three days now without any new snow, still enuff out there tho that I won't see bare ground until maybe mid April. Has been one of the tougher winters since I've been living here. Last two years might have gotten 2 feet total of snow this year first big dump was over three feet and then a thaw and then more snow and so on. Its made it almost impossible for me to get to town (Williams Lake hit even harder snow wise), tuff walking on snow covered parking lots using a cane. So have just done without. Sahnte & John went in on the 26th and bought me several things I've been out of since before Christmas, especially one of the favourite 3 Korn Rye bread. Now if roads stay dry and ice free I am entertaining the thought of makin…

More Weather

Its been snowing now since just before 7 am, sometimes quite hard, so far about 3 inches. After last years fire situation, will take all the moisture we can get.

Progress on socks for Andrea slower than I had hoped, arthritis in left hand ( use it for patterns ), slows me down. I try and so several rows every time I pick it up, next pattern will be #4. Have a pix but so far not working to add it. When I get it figured out will add it later.

Went to Tatla on Wednesday for KB and the good food box, all fresh produce even fruit this time, have especially enjoyed the oranges. Roma tomatoes, romaine, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, oranges, apples, bananas prolly more that is already been eaten. I am wondering why I waited so long to start getting it.

Just about burnt out on Olympics.

This and That

2 feet snow last weekend and now it's well above freezing and melting fast. Which means there will soon be ice everywhere. Every once in awhile a big chunk of snow and ice slides off the south facing roof, really loud. After today there is snow flurry chance every day this week.

Work goes slow on socks for Andrea, arthritis  in left hand keeps me from knitting for longer periods of time, I carry one color in each hand, when left tells me it's enuff quit and do something else for awhile. Like over due laundry.

Put a small pork rump roast in crock pot on low at 9:30, with any luck will be able to shred it for pulled pork sandwiches. Wish I has a cabbage to make coleslaw, but that ain't gonna happen.

Will skip BLOTUS speech tomorrow night, will instead watchAnimal Channel or HG network.

To much snow

Started snowing during the night Saturday and was still coming down heavy till 10 am Sunday, well over 18 inches , maybe even 20. Today 1:30ish Troy came with big John Deere tractor opened my driveway and then shoveled porch and steps, told him not to bother cleaning car off, figuring it will melt sooner or later.

Further up the valley they only got 8 inches or so and Tatla hardly anything.

I have a ham bone thawing and will make bean soup tomorrow, using cannelli beans. Will make enuff for several meals and lunches. Lots of celery, carrots and onions.

2017 Handspun

This is the most of what I spun in 2017, there is more but still on bobbins waiting to be plied. Have no idea what yarn is intended to be yet, just an ever increasing stash.
Ribbing on Andreas first sock finished and will start on patterns yet today, but first must get in touch with A to see if she wants fraternal or identical.

This is the last pair of Monstersocks for 2017, afterthought heel will be going where the lime green piece is. But will wait for a sunny day to put it together, much easy to see stitches to be picked up.
Out yesterday to Tatla for knitting bee and to pick up my first good food box, not sure now why I haven't got into this before. Loads of fresh produce including peppers, romaine, tomatoes, cucumber. carrots, onions, potatoes, bananas all I have been out of for the longest time. One of the ladies from the church has enuff orders that she can  buy at wholesale prices. Means I can put off again a trip to town (would like to wait for bare roads).

Under the weather

Just before Christmas came down with a GI issue, not much eating, drank lots of ginger mint tea (not my favourite), I did cook the turkey breast on Christmas, had a few sandwiches then froze the carcass. Just as well I did. Some days would get up just before 7 and then would fall asleep in the recliner by 10 with several fleece blankets over me. And somewhere in that time frame ran into an arctic outflow stretch of weather, got down to -29.6° C, blankets now folded and put back away, and am staying out of the recliner until either a football games (or the world junior hockey games were on), they are now over (Canada won the gold metal). Things back to normal now or what I call normal. Even did a bit of 2018 spinning.

Got the yarn wound into cakes ready to knit from for Andrea's socks, have started on the ribbing using the Jay Pond blue as the main colour (lower left corner), A picked out the colours last time she was here. Am not yet sure if the order I will knit everything, keep …