Weather & Gloves (more)

Snowfall warning in effect, BUT temps already above freezing so if it happens will likely be heavy wet stuff. Mother Nature will do what she wants and all we can do is sit back and watch. Forecast (if they have guessed right) will be in the -25°C (-13°F) by Friday night, guess I'll have to shut bedroom window again.

I finished my Koigu fingerless gloves while watching the mess in Ferguson, MO last night, hope all the burners someday burn themselves, (maybe in hell) and wonder where the seniors in the area will now shop, the people suffer for the radicals that don't think of groceries when there is a chance to loot stores and then burn them down. Off the soapbox now.

Finished the first mostly reds gloves and have 2nd about halfway thru thumb gusset increases. Wasn't sure about using so many different shades of red, but now that glove is done I like. Second glove will be sorta fraternal, never did hear from MG on weather she wanted fraternal of identical.

Another new follower, wish I could get back all that I had before Blogspot ate my old blog.

BJ from PG would love to hear from you if you have the time.


  1. I love that red glove!!!! Just keep on knitting, MG will love them no matter what!

  2. Love the gloves! Anyone who receives a pair had better appreciate them - or give them to me.

  3. Love all the beautiful project-especially the socks and gloves. I also am not afraid of bright beautiful colors! Enjoy reading also your blog entries.


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