More socks

4 more pair on needles, work on each for at least 10 rows every other day before putting it down. Blue pair is farest along and have everything ready for sock #2. Blue pair will be identical all the others fraternal.
A couple of nights ago bout 9pm saw a blue heron land in tree just south of the house, watched it preen for some time and when it was to dark for a pix 2 more landed in tree beside the first. Same day saw a kingfisher dive towards the river. Bear activity has cooled down, assume they are over at the Chilko River system fishing for salmon. Last black I saw was just its backside as it headed for the west fence got a quick pix but not worth posting. Nothing much happening in my wild mountain valley these days, some ranchers have finally been able to start cutting hay, and everyone else is hoping for rain. So many bad fires in BC again this season.


  1. Nice to hear from you. The blue sock is really gorgeous.

    At the pond where I do my morning walk here in Central Texas, USA, we usually see Great Blue Herons and Egrets, but having had about 40 days in a row over 100 degrees the birds have sensibly gone someplace else. Hope our (and your) weathers moderate and our birds come back.

  2. Always love to see the sox on your needles - love all the crazy colors!

  3. Thank you for the wildlife update!!

  4. Sock knitting with variegated yarns is like painting with wool. I love seeing how the colors blend and play together.


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