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On the way home from OFFF in late Sept. stopped at a new to me market in Chilliwack, produce and lots of gourmet goodies. Bought a big bunch of squash, acorn, butternut, spaghetti, buttercup and 1 pie pumpkin, all that are left I keep in what I call my pantry, verra cool. Last night got around to using the pie pumpkin, cut opening in top cleaned out seeds. Meanwhile I had been cooking a Lundberg 'Wild Blend' rice mix along with some Parmesan cheese, and a heaping T of dry onion soup mix, once rice mix was done added it to pumpkin and baked at 375° for just under two hours. Was delish, squash was cooked to perfection. Now wish I had bought several of the pumpkins instead of just the one.

Finished the first of new fingerless gloves (for me) last night while watching the late football games, just have the ends left to deal with. More football on today so will get started on second fingerless glove. Leftover odds & sods of Koigu, my original pair must be 5 + years old and are sorta thin.

Have one of my neighbors cows in my yard, she crosses the river at will, sure not much left of any nutritious grasses left for her to eat, but my goodness she does process whatever she eats and I have big brown piles everywhere. Will make it interesting cutting grass next year.

I check 4 blogs every morning, Jean Miles, Maggie Alexander, Kristie Hammond and Cindie Kitchen, always happy to see new writing, several more get checked a couple of times a week. And I am not as faithful at my own blog but days go by without much of anything to write about. Life in the middle and behinder of nowhere.


  1. Your fingerless glove is pretty! I love the way you combine leftovers. Oh, and as for squash - you need to try a kuri or kabocha. Outta this world! Stay warm, Lynne!

  2. Yum - I think I need to pick up one of those little pie pumpkins!

  3. I love both kuru and Kabotcha too, just made Currued Apple Kabotcha soup for lunch, yum! Bc Lions got hammered so a no go for the Cup. We sure needed Travis Lulay. :(. Wonder if the coach will be sent packing? Now who to cheer for next? Maybe the Roughriders?

  4. That pumpkin dish is brilliant, Lynne! I've cooked up many of those pie pumpkins this fall and put the mashed pumpkin in bags in the freezer to use for baking. I hadn't thought of trying something like this. Was it Hofstede's you stopped at for the produce? I love your fingerless mitt!

  5. I'll have to try the pumpkin rice dish. I love your fingerless mitts and I'm going to cast on and see if I can make a pair before the winter's over. Wish me luck!


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