Sorta cold

-34°C (-29°F) at 7 this morning, cold in either. Left all heaters on low over night but still nippy when I got up just before 7 am, cold enuff in my bedroom (with window shut) that I got dressed in bathroom. Sun just set (2:15 pm) behind the west mountains, temps predicted for -32°C again tonight. Might be cold and still enuff that Tatlayoko Lake might freeze, if it does will only be second time since I've lived here that it happened. More leftovers for supper, hopefully by Tuesday I can boil bones for a large pot of turkey noodle soup.

Have started another pair of fingerless gloves for Isabel on Vanc Island, waiting to hear what colours she might not want.

Hoping big hiway grader might be able to come down my driveway and make it wide enuff that propane truck can come down later this week, right now its just wide enuff that I might be able to get my car up, but at these temps am not planning on going anywhere.


  1. Yikies! And another load of propane too!

  2. That's what happens when goes to 20+ below zero, heater runs almost full time.

  3. I guess I won't be complaining about our temp of -8 C. :-) Sorry to hear you need more propane already. It's so expensive!


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