Started my spinning late this morning, usually by 8:30 its started to get hot but this morning was blessedly cool, turned on Celtic music (Phil Coulter) and got in my 45 minutes. Spinning some Crown Mtn Farms from the never ending stash. Had 8 oz and will ply it with plain ole white. Planning on socks for me, and also need to replace my fingerless gloves (mine are at least 8 years old) and getting thin. The superwash merino should be way warmer than the worn out Opal. And if Miss Lucy should need socks for winter.

Tonight's predicted low is supposed to be +1 (33° F), very nearly frost, and since I am far enuff away from Tatlako weather station will likely happen. But after the July & August temps I am delighted to see it. Won't start complaining until -20°C temps.

Gonna stuff my duvet into its flannel sack yet this morning, getting ready for cooler temps.


  1. Oh I love how that roving is spinning up - I might have to dye some leaving it mostly white......when the weather cools enough to be outside for any length of time........

  2. What a shock to go from super-hot to cold so quickly. Stay warm, Lynne! (And glad you and the bear didn't argue over the Saskatoon berries.)


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