Socks and Spinning

Finished another pair of Monstersocks, used white Cascade Heritage for the main color then lots of odds & sods, quite sure that my bag of odds is breeding at night. No matter how much I use from the bag it never seems to grow smaller. And made a rookie mistake on sock #2, I always use a different color of yarn as a row counter, somehow (after 10 pm) counted wrong by 10 rows so of course sock was way smaller, nothing to do but frog back and re knit with proper number of rows.

Had quite a Thunderman and Lightfoot show late yesterday afternoon, lots of both until skies opened and we got some rain, heavy for maybe 30 minutes and temp cooled from +33 to +17 in just over an hour. Everything felt so much better after the rain, now after less than 24 hours can hardly see any wet spots in the yard.

Finished the second bobbin of the merino-nylon mix that I call Sand, once plied (maybe this time next year) will be fingering weight. Had hoped it would be a good color for the flesh area of some dolls I hope to get done this winter, but yarn is going to turn to be to variegated, a small skein in a tea bath might change it enuff to be usable. Otherwise will be socks by and by. Next spinning project is a colorway from Crown Mtn Farms (out of business), its a well aged stash project, 8 oz super wash merino.

And wonder of wonders I finally found my printer manual so yet today will change ink cartridges, manual has been missing in action for some time, finally showed up in a bunch of magazines in main part of house, fairies I guess had been reading it.


  1. So what were the fairies learning how to print? Instructions on how to flit about unseen? How to hide Lynne's printer manual from her? Glad you found it! Your monster socks look quite different with a white background colour. Always fun to see! Glad it cooled down for a moment at least. We're melting here in the Big Smoke! No rain either. Bleh! Oops. Not complaining. Nope.


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