Football season

And am I glad its back, just pre season games for now but better than nothing. College (MI game at Appy State) is in two weeks. Will be great sock knitting today with at least two games on NFL and the BC Lions. Just got started on the heel last night before hanging it up on second green Monstersock, hope today to get half way down the foot. Used up several small bits of color on first sock so second will be fraternal, one of the yarns I used the most are the Kaffe Fassett colors of Regia, several of the most popular for my sock knitting are just about gone.

Blessedly cool this morning +5°C at just before 7 am, left wool room window open all night and it really make wool room feel great, sun is now over east mountain before 8 so will soon start to warm up. Will be a long cold day in hell before I complain about being to cool, with temps of 34°C several days, was way to hot for this ole lady.

Morning chore will be to change my bed (Sunday habit), will go back to flannel sheets. Got all the sheets washed late last week, they dried overnight on the wooden rack in the wool room. My good ole wooden rack doesn't owe me a nickel, bought it at a garage sale just before moving to BC in 1975, paid all of $2 for it.

Still enjoying my tomatoes, have been eating one with every meal, looks like I'll have another week with this batch.

Have enjoyed watch a big spider on the outside of living room window it sure moves quick if something lands on window, except for yellow jackets it doesn't get very excited about them.


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