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Life in the slow lane

Watching two squirrels chasing each other on the driveway side of the fence, one will duck into a long dead Saskatoon bush (grizzly trashed it several years ago), then the other comes flying across the open hillside. I'm sure they both are being smart by running so fast just in case an eagle or coyote makes an appearance.

Another little blast of arctic air, -28°C (18° below zero F), am ever so grateful to Sam for getting my furnace going again, without it I would have had to head elsewhere until this stretch passes by. I warm up buckwheat bag in microwave just before getting in bed and its been keeping my feet warm until early morning, briefly thought about nuking it again at just after 5 am but by the time I thunk on it just decided to stay up.

Boiled the ham bone this morning and have now added a split pea mixture to the mix, once bone and leftover ham are cool enuff to handle will get the remaining meat off the bone and back into the pot, onion already in, carrots diced into sm…


Sam local electrician in yesterday to look house furnace over, turns out to just have been the pilot light blew out during the high winds of the 9th. Except for 2 old baseboard heaters I didn't have any heat in main part of the house from the 9th until the 23rd. First time in 2 weeks that I don't have on several long sleeved shirts and a wool sweater.

Several people are more concerned about me being here on Christmas day without any company, but really its just what I want. Will be cooking a small ham and maybe scalloped potatoes, carrot salad and a small yam. Lots of leftovers then to be followed by either bean or pea soup.

Today its relatively warm -6°C with lots of sunshine and blue sky, if the sun would have made an appearance while furnace was out sure would have been a lot better.

Not much of a fan of country or rock n roll Christmas music and right now that is about all the radio I can get is playing, so will put on some old stuff on the CD changer, Phil Coulter, Gordo…

Town and stuff

Got into town Wednesday after lunch time at knitting bee, worried all night about roads but considering the snow and weather we have had they were in good winter conditions, compacted snow out west then gradually tapering off until no snow in Williams Lake. Stayed over night with friends then started early Thursday morning in town, first got into SaveOn for groceries (first time in 8 weeks) so needless to say I needed lots. Bought 3 kinds of lettuce and a box of spinach, then 3 colors of peppers, celery, carrots, cabbage and close to one of whatever else was in the produce isle. From there just across the street to Staples, then Tim Horton's for their Christmas cups.

From Timmies I got my gas (wow down finally to $1.01 a liter), then a needed car wash, bank, then just time enuff for a hair cut, met Lorelee at 11:30 for lunch, headed west just after 12:30. Picked up Lucas my car unloader at 3:30, after car was unloaded he reloaded with stuff to go to the dump, after the dump droppe…

The F word is back

Flurries, every once in a while environment Canada sorta guesses right, this time the flurries arrived right on schedule but now doesn't know when to quit. Heavy wet snow has been coming down (again) for the last 6 hours or so, but would much rather see the snow than more rain. The rain we did get is more than usually comes down all winter and most of the spring. Even brought the river up a lot.

Working on fingerless gloves going to KY., waiting to hear if she wants identical of fraternal. Just 3 fingers left to do on #1, when this pair is done am taking a break from tiny needles (2.25 mm) and might go back to slippers on giant needles to be felted, will see how left hand reacts to the change in sizes.

Made meatloaf last night for supper and now remember why I haven't made it for at least 10 years, mine isn't very good. So will finish it off today in a sandwich with lots of mustard.


From bad to worse. Tuesday night the main furnace in the house quit, no problem electric baseboard heaters keep house sorta warm, but then power went out yesterday just before noon, so no power no heat, then the frosting on the cake the phone quit as well. Never in my life have I been so cold, had on 3 layers and over top my heavy winter parka. Finally went to bed to get warmed up, flannel pj's and big down comforter did the trick. Again this morning house was way to cold, again 3 layers topped with my boiled wool jacket, not good. Had just begun thinking about going to Tatla for a hot breakfast and coffee when at just after 10 power kicked on, and shortly thereafter the phone was working again. If this should ever happen again will get my butt out of here and go visit someone with wood heat.

Pineapple Express

20 inches of snow and then it rained last night (and still is) = a mell of a hess. No doubt my driveway will either be ice or mud, given my choice I'd choose the mud. Just getting light enuff out now to see about 50% + of the snow is gone. Exciting times in my wild mountain valley.

Pix of the last 2 pair of fingerless gloves and the gloves for MG in AZ, one more pair of fingerless on needles now and then am going to have to take a break for awhile and let my left hand simmer down, osteoarthritis in thumb and forefinger makes knitting anything extremely uncomfortable, will use heat and ice and hope it calms down right soon. Its going to be hard not sitting in the evening without my knitting, will instead try and read on either the iPad or Kindle, which ever is easy to hold.

Christmas package arrived from the brother and wife in VA, box is damaged, tape holding bottom together is pretty much undone, tape on sides is all that is holding it tog. Will wait until Christmas to open, tha…

We are having a heat wave

From -34° to -4°C in just days, keep hoping the snow will slide off my car so I don't have to go out and scrape it clear.

Soup is on, boned turkey breast this morning (boiled it yesterday), have now added carrots, and celery, turkey meat back in pot along with leftover gravy. Closer to 4 will add noodles of some sort and call it supper. IMHO the best part of any turkey. I save all the skin and other bits (carefully boned) for a friends big dog.

Finished the first of the quieter fingerless gloves, will send the wilder pair to Isabel and keep these for me.

Waiting for the grader to come down the drive, was supposed to be here yesterday but must have got held up somewhere.

Sorta cold

-34°C (-29°F) at 7 this morning, cold in either. Left all heaters on low over night but still nippy when I got up just before 7 am, cold enuff in my bedroom (with window shut) that I got dressed in bathroom. Sun just set (2:15 pm) behind the west mountains, temps predicted for -32°C again tonight. Might be cold and still enuff that Tatlayoko Lake might freeze, if it does will only be second time since I've lived here that it happened. More leftovers for supper, hopefully by Tuesday I can boil bones for a large pot of turkey noodle soup.

Have started another pair of fingerless gloves for Isabel on Vanc Island, waiting to hear what colours she might not want.

Hoping big hiway grader might be able to come down my driveway and make it wide enuff that propane truck can come down later this week, right now its just wide enuff that I might be able to get my car up, but at these temps am not planning on going anywhere.

More Snow

Guessing that the valley got 16+ inches, some places more and some less, but certainly more than we got ALL of last year. Neighbor to the south (guy that bought the working part of the ranch) just came down the driveway back plowing, so now could get out in an emergency. Now all I need is to find someone to shovel my car loose. Not that I am planning on going anywhere. Temps have been falling since I got up just after 6, was -15°C now its -17°C (2°F), forecast is for -22° (8° below zero) for later today.

Had a cold turkey sandwich for lunch, just mayo nothing else, its been so long since I had turkey forgot how good it is. Enuff of all leftovers for a hot meal for tonight.

Just finished the 2nd red glove, just the ends to deal with, will get a pix later and add it to the blog.

5pm another neighbor Troy came along and cleaned up snow around the car, shoveled the steps, porch and access to car and plowed (with the big John Deere) spaces to turn car around should I go out (not planning o…


Not very good pix but that is exactly what it looked like outside. Enuff snow (maybe 5+ inches) that Knitting Bee got cancelled, that's OK with me as Tatla Lake is a 20 mile drive and I haven't seen a snow plow come down the valley yet. Will prep kitchen for tomorrows turkey breast supper and knit on 2nd red glove. Since I took the pix snow has really let up, looks like it will soon be quitting.

According to Environment Canada's weather pages temps are due to drop substantially in next 24 hours, down well below zero F, -17°F is the coldest showing up so far, so having oven on to cook turkey and squash will make kitchen feel pretty good.

Weather & Gloves (more)

Snowfall warning in effect, BUT temps already above freezing so if it happens will likely be heavy wet stuff. Mother Nature will do what she wants and all we can do is sit back and watch. Forecast (if they have guessed right) will be in the -25°C (-13°F) by Friday night, guess I'll have to shut bedroom window again.

I finished my Koigu fingerless gloves while watching the mess in Ferguson, MO last night, hope all the burners someday burn themselves, (maybe in hell) and wonder where the seniors in the area will now shop, the people suffer for the radicals that don't think of groceries when there is a chance to loot stores and then burn them down. Off the soapbox now.

Finished the first mostly reds gloves and have 2nd about halfway thru thumb gusset increases. Wasn't sure about using so many different shades of red, but now that glove is done I like. Second glove will be sorta fraternal, never did hear from MG on weather she wanted fraternal of identical.

Another new followe…

Glove stuff

Have put my fingerless gloves into a time out and have started the gloves for Marian G in Arizona. I told her I would have them done in time for her to take on her Christmas trip, so thought since I'd be mailing them that I had better get to it. Have thumb gusset stitch count up to 13, need increases every third row to a total of 21 stitches. Football on the telly tonight so should get past increases. My fingerless gloves will wait at some of the ribbing done on second glove, have kept careful notes so can pick up when the mostly red gloves are done.

Saw 6 deer come slowly walking down the driveway on the 18th, they all jumped the fence and I think headed to the river for a drink, then came back 10 minutes later to head back up the driveway before disappearing into the bush up across the road. Could only get 4 in the pix the first and last were just to far away from the four I got.

Have a turkey breast in the freezer that I will get out on Monday the 24th to slowly thaw in fridge…


Pix of the socks I have left after several places that I take them for show & tell, will often sell a pair here and there but this year not so much. First choice if she is interested will go to Maggie in NY who wears her socks to school with clogs to show off to her kids.

Neighbor just in to see about his cow, as soon as she saw him she headed for the river to cross to her side, Troy said river now has anchor ice so she may not be as eager to cross again. I prolly have a couple of hundred pounds of organic fertilizer scattered about in my yard. Will give the crows next spring something to do turning cow pies over to see what interesting bugs are underneath.

This & That

On the way home from OFFF in late Sept. stopped at a new to me market in Chilliwack, produce and lots of gourmet goodies. Bought a big bunch of squash, acorn, butternut, spaghetti, buttercup and 1 pie pumpkin, all that are left I keep in what I call my pantry, verra cool. Last night got around to using the pie pumpkin, cut opening in top cleaned out seeds. Meanwhile I had been cooking a Lundberg 'Wild Blend' rice mix along with some Parmesan cheese, and a heaping T of dry onion soup mix, once rice mix was done added it to pumpkin and baked at 375° for just under two hours. Was delish, squash was cooked to perfection. Now wish I had bought several of the pumpkins instead of just the one.

Finished the first of new fingerless gloves (for me) last night while watching the late football games, just have the ends left to deal with. More football on today so will get started on second fingerless glove. Leftover odds & sods of Koigu, my original pair must be 5 + years old and are …


Got all 6 of the skeins of Koigu ready to start knitting on gloves for MG in Az., may or may not use all the colors depending how they go together once I start knitting. Have several other reddish shades in smaller amounts that might work in as well. Just a pair of fingerless gloves for me out of Koigu leftover bits before I start knitting on the red ones, my fingerless gloves are almost see thru and not very warm during this bit of cold weather. -17°C (1°F) yesterday morning and just a touch colder this morning. Shifting the down comforter has allowed me to sleep plenty warm now and last night even put on wool bed socks. Sure makes a difference when my feet are warm.

Went out to knitting bee yesterday in glorious downtown Tatla Lake, 6 ladies there, including a newbie and another that doesn't come every time, had a good time and learned all about chin whiskers etc. Stopped afterwards at the clinic about what I call a low grade earache, after looking inside just a build up of wax …

My exciting life

Made a run up to the dump yesterday, two bags and a bit of dead produce, once there a man and big machine were working and I couldn't get anywhere near to the pit for dumping the bags in, so left stuff neatly piled on the top near where his pickup was parked. So hopefully when he was finished with the digger he will spot and put it in the appropriate place. So very glad I went yesterday as today has broke out in serious rain. Weather forecast is for the nasty cold front to land on my valley for the next week or so, temps showing at -24°C (-12°F) for Monday night the polar vortex in the future. So when I changed my bed this morning (Sunday morning job) I flipped down comforter so more down would be over my tired ole bones, may even break out bed socks.

Seriously thinking about vegetable soup for today, still have squash, celery, carrots, potatoes, not much but better than nothing. Wish I had cabbage, kale and some spinach but that ain't gonna happen, so maybe will add some cann…

Fingerless gloves

Cold morning but now the sun has starting warming room up hands still cold tho so slipped on my well used wool fingerless gloves that had been sitting in the sun. Oh my goodness almost as nice feeling as holding a warm cup of coffee, when I take them off will make sure that they are sitting in the sun.

Black with lots of various red and oranges, 2nd sock almost to the heel, do want to get them done, have been floating about since June. Other things kept getting in the way.

When my cold was at its worst I wore the shawl from Sheila K, all day, tied it around back so it would stay on but leave my hands free. Merino - Alpaca mix and even tho parts are lacy as warm as any sweater I own.


Woke up this morning to a skiff of new snow, shortly after sun made its appearance snow was all gone, expect any morning now to wake up to serious white stuff, November can be the ugliest month weather wise. I am as prepared as I can be, new snow tires, larder full of groceries, enuff wool to spin and yarn to knit with, only thing I wish I had is a head of cabbage, forgot while in Williams Lake.

Won a gift certificate while at Desert Mesa and traded it for two different colors of Merino roving, and then traded away a pair of socks for more fiber, BFL-Silk mix and just plain green BFL. Bought one skein of sock yarn in special colorway from Mary-anne Smith of Smith & Ewe fame. Guess I just wasn't in the mood for shopping.

Have the second sock of two pair to finish then once they are done will start getting the Koigu into balls for upcoming gloves, then a pair of socks for Isabel and for now will be all caught up. Then will get to serious plying, hoping belt on electric wheel ho…

And so it starts

Woke up to 30°F at just before 7am and the white stuff, still right on 30° now at 10:30 and still snowing. I got home from my DesertMesa trip on Tuesday with a few groceries and brand new snow tires, just in time from the looks of it. Bought more of the Nokian tires, called aggressive, got 5 years out of last set. So was comfortable paying the big price to get more of the same.

DesertMesa was as usual a really good time, closest thing I have to family. 46 spinners (some borderline certifiable), lots of laffs and crazy stuff. Traded away a pair of socks for spinning fibre, pix next time as its still in the car. Bought one skein of sock yarn from Smith and Ewe in one of her special colourways and 4 silk hankies for Denise. Pix of me spinning, Bill H wearing a pair of my mini socks on his glasses (he fixed a bobbin for me), then Gail in her new shawl from SheliaK, and then part of spinning circle. I picked up prescriptions while in town (3 mos supply) so hoping I don't have to back…

On the road again

Off in the morning, first to Williams Lake, then Thursday to Cache Creek and DesertMesa. Spinning, nattering, more spinning, maybe some knitting.

Will be looking into new snowtires, wanting to look at Nokian again, got 5 winters out of last set.

Taking tomatoes to eat while in CC, would miss them if I don't.

Will try and post more as soon as I can.


Came down my driveway Friday just after 3:30 pm, stopped and picked up unloader Dorian on the way by, he unloaded car in about 10 minutes, would have taken me 2 days at least. $20 and he was happy and so was I. Had stopped in Spences Bridge to get tomatoes but my usual place was u-pick and most were quite a way at the back so carried on to Hilltop Gardens and got 45 lbs there, 20 lbs went to Len & Denise and I brought 25 lbs home for me. Cost a bit more but worth it not to have to climb around field to pick.

Koigu I ordered from Toronto arrived while I was gone, lots of reds for upcoming gloves (mostly reds for Marion) and some blues & purples. With what I had on hand should be set now for the winter glove knitting.

Home now until time to leave for Desert Mesa, will be the last hurrah for this season, then time to hunker down for winter. Will get new snow tires in Williams Lake on the way home, last Nokian winter tires, got 5 winters driving on them. Have $$ in budget for the …

Back in BC

Arrived Gail's just after 4 on Monday. Major stop at Costco and then a smaller one at Freddie's in Bellingham. No line up at the border and that was good, quite often at that time of day can be 60 minute wait, a breeze on Monday.

OFFF as usual was one of the hi-lites of my travels this year. BJ and Jim from Prince George, BC saw me at breakfast in the motel and she said you're the Socklady, then came and visited with Gail & I, what a delightful couple, both G and I agree it was a special morning, then we met up with them again at OFFF and again on Sunday. Also got to meet Pam Salisbury from NwRSA at breakfast, she knew me but I don't recall ever meeting her before. Terry Morris 'the Sailing Knitter' came by the spinning circle and introduced herself on Saturday another super nice person. Friend Dorothy also came by for a long afternoon visit.

Have pix but camera is in the car, will add when I get home. Planning on leaving here Thursday morn, into Wms. Lake,…


Left home Monday for Williams Lake, stuff there needed dealt with, then Tuesday south. Met Kristie in Chilliwack at King Timmies, not near long enuff visit, then in the pouring rain to Gails just east of Vancouver. Then on Wednesday picked up Sally and took her shopping then we had lunch at a new to me place called Cora's, soup & sandwich, good enuff that I'd go back someday, then Wednesday after supper G and I went to Wednesday Nite Nitters. Today is a do nothing day, leave in the morning for the states, hopefully in good weather all the way to Canby, OR. OFFF starts Saturday.

This & That

Finished the pair of socks for the KAL with the Addicted to Socks group. Regia Canadian color, vintage yarn from the stash. Back now to another KAL pair this time my favorite Monstersocks, have first sock done and 2nd is now down almost to the heel, hopefully with all the football games on this weekend should finish or come close.

Can West propane truck just in to fill my tank for upcoming winter. Hadn't had tank filled since last January, prudent use of propane furnace, ofter find it easier to just wear woolies. This stuff is almost liquid gold, nearly $1000 to fill tank, and here I thought I wouldn't have any big bills this month. I always pay the driver so won't have to worry about the bill coming in early October.

Still summer

High today is predicted to be 27°C (81°F), mornings now are below freezing most every day, perfect weather for getting under big down comforter at night. Trees are changing color fast, I was going to go out on front porch and get a pix of trees in what we always called the spruce swamp, but prolly 1000 flies in between screen and big door made me decide to wait until they all go back where they came from. Am vacuuming up several hundred at a time from window in mud room, never have found how they get in. Wind is picking up and leaving are even starting too fall.

Washed all my woolies this morning in Eucalan, 24 pair of my socks and the drying rack full of goodies, gloves and socks for other peoples.The bobbins of the Crown Mtn Farms super wash merino, had 8 oz to start with. Now spinning plain white sw to ply with CMF's once its done.


Have had to add comment moderation to my blog, 6+ spam messages a day, unfortunate that the spammers are still out there.

Should finish the second stripey sock sometime tomorrow for the Addicted to Socks KAL. Then the second Monstersock for the Sock Knitters on Ravelry KAL. Then if I can still spell my name will do the second handspun gray sock.

Ordered mostly solid colors of Koigu from 2 different places, one in Nevada and the other in Toronto, both had colors I wanted out of stock. Will check back in a month or so to the Toronto store to see if new stock has come in. Several different shades of reds, blues and a couple of greens. Once socks are finished will go back to making more gloves.

Had a mouse caught by one foot in a trap last night, put on gloves and dropped it out on the back porch, would have opened trap but it was biting on my glove, old gloves and I thought it might get thru to a finger so dropped it. Everything gone this morning, hoping something came along to eat it.


Finished the first of the gray handspun socks, took a pix then set it aside. Have ribbing done on sock #2, will now be alternating between the socks left to do, a bit here and a bit there.

Then went to the KAL Monstersock and last night finished the first of this pair.

Straight away picked up the stripey Regia sock for the Addicted to Socks KAL, that's the one I am aiming to finish next. Have been really enjoying having a variety of projects to work on, keeps the interest.

According to my buddies at Environment Canada's weather page (choke, snorkle etc.) the predicted lows for Tatlako are -3°C (27°F) for tonight and then -8°C (18°F) for tomorrow, Yeehaw and so it starts. Even my small furry friends are trying to get in the warm house, yeah right, not acceptable, caught 2 last night and will set even more traps for tonight.

In between sock knitting, laundry, meals (that is easy tomatoes, tomatoes tomatoes) have also been at the spinning wheel, finished the first bobbin of the m…

To much on my plate

Have 4 pair of socks on the go just now.

Gray BFL-Silk mix handspun

KAL on Addicted to Socks (am I ever). The yarn I choose isn't as stripey as I had hoped for but should do OK.

Another KAL this time on Ravelry's Sock Knitters, Monstersocks right up my alley.

And the black socks with all the reds and oranges.

I had made my last DR appointment (prescription refills) for last Friday especially so I could get to Farmers Market, bought 20 lbs tomatoes and sweet corn, have had tomatoes with every meal since I got home. Don't think I'll ever get tired of them.

11° C or 51°F and its raining, nothing spectacular but its wet and can almost see things getting green again. Got to see the leftovers from the fire that had closed Highway 20 earlier in August fire came right up to edge of the road, must have been impressive to see when it was really going.

9pm and still raining, temp is at +8°C (46°F) and supposed to go down in to upper 30's F overnight, I'll bet that there…