Looks like a white Christmas

Started snowing on the way home from the knitting bee yesterday, in the time it took me to get home (30 minutes) was over a couple of inches on my porch, had swept it off before leaving at 9:30. Then snowed rest of the day and all night, just fine easy to sweep off snow, but ended up with nearly 6 new inches. With temps forecast to be well down (zero F or lower) over next week, snow will likely stick around. No plans to go any where until Christmas eve when If roads allow will go out for church's big Christmas supper. And if that should come to pass that its to nasty to go will plan on a turkey breast for Christmas day supper here.

Have 2 to be felted projects underway, one really large adult size slipper finished and 1 med sized kids underway. Will alternate between the two until both are done. Knitting on 10.5 needles and my handspun means the projects go fast.

Pix on the header of my blog is just about exactly how it looks outside.


  1. Your blog header picture is so pretty with all the snow! We have snow here in Kamloops, too. It looks like we will both be having a white Christmas!


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