Fulled slippers

4 pair kids sized fulled slippers, knit from my handspun yarn. Was really happy at how thick & woolie they turned out. Motivated to do more.

On the needles right now gloves out of commercial fingering yarn, and a pair of thick socks from my handspun in a med kids size, thinking I'll do another couple of pair for the kids of the local electrician that has got my house propane heater working. Have enuff handspun to make dozens & dozens of pairs of socks, so before something bad happens to it might as well get it used up. Will even think about a pair of the fulled slippers in my size. Temps over next couple of days will be well down below 0° F, so may if I can get hold of Sam ask nicely if he would have time to look at propane stove in wool room.

Nothing else going on right now in this wild mountain valley.

SO to the bro in VA.


  1. Great looking socks, Lynne! Can't wait to see the adult size. You are so productive, I can't believe how many socks you can knit! I love to knit too, but find I don't get enough time to do it. Good luck with the propane heater!!!

  2. loving those bootees... they look great!!


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