Cyber Monday yarn

The 7 skeins Cascade Heritage sock yarn from my Cyber Monday shopping. Bought it from Paradise Fibers in Spokane, need the colors for 3 pair of natural colors socks I'll be doing after the last 4 or 5 pairs of orders are finished.

Last Wednesday I left for town directly from Tatla Lake, had been out for knitting bee and planned if weather was good to head in. Roads bare 90% of trip, but then Thursday was hell, snowed hard all day, roads were a mess. I had a DR appointment for prescription refills Thursday at 10 am, then headed right over to get banking done and my haircut. Picked up gas, the meat for supper and made a quick run thru of SaveOn to pick up Rosemary ham and Brie for lunch. Quit at just after noon and headed back up to Denise's place, roads by then were really bad, was glad to get there safely. Friday Denise cleaned car off, got my stuff loaded and headed back to town, got groceries at SaveOn and headed for home. Even not buying all the stuff on my list I still had to make about 10 trips to get everything into the house by then my hip was screaming obscenities at me. Left small suitcase, 2 flats of bottled water and a case of chicken broth in the car, covered the water & broth up, fortunately never really got much below freezing last night. So went out just after noon and brought everything else in. Roads for first 2 hours on way home snow covered but not to slippery, last hour of trip out this way almost bare & dry.

Did miss getting into Canadian Tire to see about getting a shovel and I need a new pressure cooker, want a smallish 4 qt stainless steel, will have to wait until next trip in. Got 3 mos prescription refills so if all goes well won't have to go back until the end of March. Of course by then will be thinking about fresh broccoli & cauliflower, produce in general. May get lucky and find someone going in that will bring me a bag of produce.

Took a bag of slippers to be felted in and ran them thru Denise' machine, success, one pair were a man's medium size (huge before felting) but knowing my handspun had an idea of what finished size would be, came out perfect so gave them to Denise's hubnut for Christmas, for her I took one of the African baskets.

So overall a successful trip for this time of year, but ever so glad to be home safe.


  1. Just for the record. 10 days is too long between posts. Shelia mentions an occasional Facebook post but I only check this blog. Hunker down till March? Next time it's 20 below, check out the weather in this end of the Blue Ridge Mountains (ok hills.) Yesterday it was in the mid 50s. Down to low 40s last night. Brrrrrrrr. Something to think about.
    The brother in VA.


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