Wild & Crazies

Got sucked into the Olly-o's but am now tired of hearing and seeing the 27th (or more) race of M Phelps, a couple of times would have been enuff for me, so today won't even turn TV on until 6 pm news. There are a lot of events that I am not fond of watching tennis, track events, athletics, but do enjoy the soccer, volleyball, diving and once in a while the water polo. But nothing today.

Did get Toni's wild & crazy socks done and got started on another pair, not quite the wild colors, more of what I should call conservative wild & crazies. Everyone wants to know what I do with all the ends, first off I strand the ends both coming & going, then when sock is finished I use a Revlon cuticle remover to shag each end, separate each ply and shag each, makes for a ruff end and once sock is washed they hopefully will disappear forever. I really do enjoy anything with what I call a color challenge.

Back into a few days of hotter than usual temps, low 90's is really hot for in here but so very grateful that it cools off at night, enuff even to pull up a blanket. Will be glad to see the end of this spell.


  1. Love the lime green. What method do you use to pick your colors?

  2. I love the colors, wish I was on your sock list.

  3. Gorgeous socks as always!


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