The Grizzly & her cubs

In the kitchen cleaning up after an early supper, saw the Griz walking along by the river, hot footed to wool room for camera and by the time I got back the cubs came rolling along. Got 3 pix but of them all only this one shows both cubs., turns out its the best. Then they headed for the fence and into Harris' hayfield and out of my sight. But trust me I will be ever vigilant again. Click on pix to make it larger.

So far Facebook voting on sock colors is running 11 for reversing the colors and 3 for keeping it the same.


  1. It looks like the the one cub knows exactly what you are doing. Thanks for the pix. Alene

  2. I don't mind the occasional black bear encounter, but meeting up with a grizzly is a not something I want to do any time soon. Be careful!

  3. Wow Wow Wow. Amazing pic of amazing animals. Please be extra careful, but thanks for the great picture.
    The bro in VA


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