In Eburg

In Ellensburg where its been far hotter than it was supposed to be, mid to upper 90's with 102° forecast for Saturday. Plans now are to go to Spokane on Friday then if temps cool just a bit I'll head for BC Sunday morning.

Fires just west of Eburg keep the news interesting, Cle Elum has been hit the hardest with well over 70 places burned, one friend Terry N had to evacuate yesterday with all the sheep & llamas & alpacas, haven't heard anything more, hope & pray that they are all OK.

Nearly finished with second blue sock, slow going with so much going on down here. Hoping to find a few solid colors in the Cascade Heritage sock yarn at Paradise, need purples, reds, turq and several denim blues.


  1. I just found your blog again. I missed reading your posts. I had computer issues when you had some issues as well. Glad to be back reading your blog. Happy trip and knitting.


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