Left Eburg Saturday morning, drove into BC mid afternoon, much cooler than Eburg that's fer sure. So much so that I shut off a/c and opened sun roof. Then left Langley, BC Monday morning for 'the Willie', picked up a few groceries and headed for the high country on Tuesday. Had stopped in Spences Bridge on way up and bought a small box of tomatoes, so with some salad greens pretty well had everything. Tomatoes on toast for breakfast this morning, perfect.

Finished (except for afterthought heel) the socks I have been calling the brown scrappers then promptly forgot my small knitting bag in Langley, so no pix of the scrappers. Also finished the blue wild & crazies, was pleased with how they came out.

This is the Cascade Heritage sock yarn I bought at Paradise Fibers in Spokane, almost wish I could have bought 2 or 3 of each color. But at least now know where I can get solid colored sock yarn in the future. Also have 8 more skeins in Oregon that I will pick up when I go down for OFFF. That along with what I picked up will give me enuff. Was really impressed with Paradise one of the biggest and nicest yarn shops I'd been in. If I go to conference in Spokane next June will for sure stop in to see if anything new color wise has showed up.

Think there may have been a light frost this morning, temp at weather station showed +1°C and it looked like it was a bit cooler here. Have on wool socks and even turned electric heat on for a while in the house.

Had a good visit with Diane in Eburg, got to get to know Terry N from NwRSA a bit better. Except for the fires in Cle Elum and the heat, was one of my most enjoyable trips.

Leaving Langley Monday morning decided to stop in Costco near Mission exit and renew my membership, its the place where I can buy Oceans albacore tuna, and salmon at way better prices than 'the Willie's' grocery stores. Also lucked out and found pickled green beans and asparagus, bought 3 of each, hopefully enuff to last the winter. Even as much as I enjoyed the trip am ever so glad to be back home.


  1. It is always nice to return safely home, even from the very best of holidays. Two more places you can get solid colour sock yarn are Simply Socks and The Loopy Ewe. They both have their own line of solid colour sock yarn, and they are reasonably priced. Simply Socks shipping is very reasonable as is The Loopy Ewe's. The Loopy Ewe will show a set international charge of $20, but it gets adjusted when they put the postage on and you only get charged the actual amount.

  2. Oy boy - sure looks good to me - I can't wait to see the socks. Thanks, Lynne.

  3. No place like home!

  4. It was great to see you in Ellensburg. Glad you made it home safely.


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