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Just saw first black bear of 2012 season, likely a boar, judging by the size, at 8am.

The mixed greens merino is coming out better than I thought, was a bit compacted so if I strip off a finger sized piece and predraft it comes out exactly the way I had hoped it would.

But what I am really looking forward to are socks for Toni on Vancouver Island, she wants wild & crazy, just the kind of knitting I most love to do. 2 skeins bright lime green on the way and will add almost all the wild colors I own. Will finish the current pair using the black Opal first, 2nd sock nearly to the heel.

Lorelee rode her bike up here yesterday, was a bit more that she thought so I let her take the car home, but first added a big load of stuff to go to the dump, many months of flyers from the paper (why did I save them), several empty boxes various sizes, and what ever else was looking like trash. Will stop at the dump on the way to the knitting bee tomorrow. Back room looks 100% better.


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