Yesterday morning Tatlayoko was the coldest spot in BC (some might have been colder but they don't have weather stations). -4.2 at the weather station here and -5 at my place up the road from weather station about 4 miles. Had xplornet technician in yesterday to install new dish and relocate Star Choice dish, xplornet dish will be redundant in early fall when new bird gets put into orbit, but then they told us that last year when a new bird was deployed only to find out service only came to Alexis Creek, about 90 miles east of here. Not the easiest people to deal with that's for sure.

This morning up early to get stuff into car for town trip, can't leave until a bit after 7 so I can be at Redstone when gas bar opens, then have DR appointment at 11, various other errands and up to Denise's place to crash. Williams Lake Spinning Day is tomorrow, have wheel already in the car, so just small stuff left to go in. Taking the variegated green Merino in with me to spin, have about half the first bobbin full , its fine enuff that there is no danger of finishing it tomorrow, but just in case brought the woolee winder and 2 empty bobbin with, just in case.

Have a bunch of neighbors Galloway yearlings in my yard so called and left a message on their machine, hope they are able to find where the cows came thru the fence.


  1. I love the new socks you've started! I have been taking a knitting break. Trying to practice my spinning and letting my thumb rest. I did start a tiny baby blanket with some of that super soft baby yarn that is impossible to deal with.....lucky for me it is tiny.


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