Home from trip into town for the Williams Lake spin in, good day, great salad based lunch and didn't end up buying anything. Also spent a good bit of Friday getting in things like oil change and car wash, visit with DR (he wants me to call surgeon tomorrow about possible gall bladder surgery) then up to Denise's to crash. Was in grocery store as soon as they opened on Sunday got a bunch of produce for me as well as L, left town 9:45 down my driveway just before 1pm.

Neighbor Les H was just in on his quad and told me mama grizzly is back with what he thinks is last year cub, so far I haven't seen her but he has had the pair in this field and has seen them on my side of the river eating sedge grass. So high bear alert season is in gear again.

Think I'll wait and unpack spinning wheel and suitcase tomorrow.


  1. The idea of bears around you gives me fits.I know you have common sense, but be careful. Read your blog each day and truly enjoy it


  2. Lynne,

    I have to say I certainly admire that you live a bit off the grid - and get a chance to enjoy nature while still using your common sense to stay safe.


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