Grey Mornings and Blue Days

This morning started out with mountains all socked it with grey down about half way, then close to noon crud burned off and sky was as blue as it could be. The arctic air that was around the valley has finally moved east, got down to -22° here several mornings, I even shut the bedroom window. Back working the second wild and crazy red sock, ribbing all done and first pattern well underway. It will be a fraternal twin to the first, same colours but in different places. Even the patterns will be in diff. places. Red will stay the same in ribbing, and heel, with different coloured toes. First thing this morning put a frozen chicken carcass in soup pot, its now been deboned and goodies (bones etc.) will go to the dump by and by. Celery, carrots and chicken pieces now back in pot, will soon add about 3/4 cup rice, will be enuff to last the weekend. Lots of football on the tube and nice to know I won't have to miss any action while I cook something for supper.


  1. Nice to see you got some sun. -22 makes me gasp but what do you expect, I live in Texas. Tho it does get cold here sometimes; a couple of years ago we had four days of sub zero, down to -9 and we weren't ready for it. I know you were ready for -22 though, as always. Good to hear from you.

  2. Sounds like an excellent day for soup! I shall be making chicken soup as well but mine will be full of carrots, cabbage & barley. No socks on the needles but I am slowly working on a top down cardigan in good old Briggs & Little yarn.


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