Soup weather

Tonight predicted low is 16 °F (-9°C). Started a soup pot, frozen rotiessiere chicken carcass, will after carcass comes out of the pot And everything is deboned, add the chicken meat add lots of finely chopped celery and carrots will use homemade egg noodles instead of rice this go round. Making enuff for several suppers. My four most hated words in the English language are 'BLACK FRIDAY' (I will never buy anything when those words are used) and the other two are 'YOU KNOW'. Almost every commercial on TV from now on using BF will get shut off. Over used for almost everything being sold. Most all of yesterday had snow squalls, with a strong wond blowing the snow that went by here landed 10 miles up the valley. Niut Mountains with the Homathko river running thru my neighbours place.


  1. Soup weather indeed. Black Friday commercials are showing up here too. Egads! Only thing more annoying are the ads for cars.

  2. What a gorgeous photo! It's been a long time since I've been in that country (out West to us here in Vermont), and seeing your pics, I really miss it. Here's wishing for a warm winter (on the inside) with lots of soup!

  3. That picture is breath-taking. Black Friday can go run. We never had anything like that here in South Africa. Now it's all I've heard for the last few weeks. Soup for me is the ultimate comfort food and yours sounds delicious. Stay safe and warm.

  4. Gorgeous view! My daughter and I have a vintage furniture shop and we are usually closed on Black Friday. No need for it! Starting to get cold here in Rochester, NY so definitely soup weather!@

  5. We just finished our first soup of the season. It is getting chilly for us - 50F is nippy in the South - and I am already thinking of what the next batch will be. We desperately need some rain, which isn't fun with the colder temps, but I hope it comes next week. No snow for us, though. I will have to enjoy it through the pictures that you post. Hope you stay warm and have lots of sports to watch as you knit and spin. And I thoroughly agree with all that has been said about Black Friday!!

  6. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing that view.


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