Sock Stuff

Finished the socks that had been in timeout.

Briefly thinking that my sock knitting had hit a wall, for overnight didn't have a clue what I wanted to do next, but with yesterdays knitting bee coming up knew I had to start something. So a ball of a dark gray Opal, many leftovers bits of greens (variegated and solid), then same in blues. So far so good, may end up being another pair to add to my stash. For some strange reason socks that are almost 10 years old are getting a bit thin on the bottom.

Went to Tatla yesterday for blood letting (INR), then carried on to knitting bee where I finally delivered in person to Andrea the socks that I so struggled to finish. Much blood sweat and even tears at times.

All the places where I crossed the river (twice) and Crazy Creek (once) were very high, so far both seem to behaving, but today's high temps (+27° C) may encourage more melting in the high country. As long as both stay away from the road will keep me happy.

Yellow jackets - wasps - hornets whatever the beasts are this part of BC is blessed to have an abundance, I'm getting 4-5 or more in my house every day. Catch them in a jar and leave on the window sill until they slow down enuff that I can carry them back outside. Not sure that I care if the outside air revives them or not.

Right now the local poplars, are shedding the white fluff, almost so much that it looks like snow, and am sure that hundreds of spinners before me have tried to spin the stuff, didn't work for me, one try was enuff.

Dee is coming today to pick up piggie pop sickles, I freeze green garbage and when there is enuff she comes along to pick it up, pigs and or chickens love the stuff.


  1. Looking for some inspiration and "there you were"!!! Your socks are beautiful and that sweater looked AMAZING!!!

    Off to my stash to see what I can find.

    Hope you are well.

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