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2 feet snow last weekend and now it's well above freezing and melting fast. Which means there will soon be ice everywhere. Every once in awhile a big chunk of snow and ice slides off the south facing roof, really loud. After today there is snow flurry chance every day this week.

Work goes slow on socks for Andrea, arthritis  in left hand keeps me from knitting for longer periods of time, I carry one color in each hand, when left tells me it's enuff quit and do something else for awhile. Like over due laundry.

Put a small pork rump roast in crock pot on low at 9:30, with any luck will be able to shred it for pulled pork sandwiches. Wish I has a cabbage to make coleslaw, but that ain't gonna happen.

Will skip BLOTUS speech tomorrow night, will instead watchAnimal Channel or HG network.


  1. That's a lot of snow.
    We'll be skipping the speech tomorrow night too - can't stand to even hear his voice. We'll be watching Netflix instead - hooked on Heartland, into the 4th season now. Kind of hokey but it sucked us in - nice family show.

  2. Would you enjoy sauerkraut with your pulled pork? It would be something you could keep through the winter months, when fresh veg is scarce.


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