2017 Handspun

This is the most of what I spun in 2017, there is more but still on bobbins waiting to be plied. Have no idea what yarn is intended to be yet, just an ever increasing stash.
Ribbing on Andreas first sock finished and will start on patterns yet today, but first must get in touch with A to see if she wants fraternal or identical.

This is the last pair of Monstersocks for 2017, afterthought heel will be going where the lime green piece is. But will wait for a sunny day to put it together, much easy to see stitches to be picked up.
Out yesterday to Tatla for knitting bee and to pick up my first good food box, not sure now why I haven't got into this before. Loads of fresh produce including peppers, romaine, tomatoes, cucumber. carrots, onions, potatoes, bananas all I have been out of for the longest time. One of the ladies from the church has enuff orders that she can  buy at wholesale prices. Means I can put off again a trip to town (would like to wait for bare roads).


  1. You've got some beautiful colors in that spinning.

    What a great way to get fresh produce and not have to drive terribly far.

  2. You are very talented with the fibre arts!

  3. I'm so glad to hear you have access to fresh food boxes!! A great idea out in tiny towns like yours!! You certainly have been busy spinning - I wish I could say the same . . . . . .

  4. Such fun colors of yarns! It will be fun to see the others after they are plyed. I have always been reluctant to do an afterthought heel because I'm not quite sure how to mark the spot.

    How nice that you can get the fresh produce box so easily and reasonably priced now! I bet it's time for soup and salad....


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