I appreciate Hydro (power)

Power went out just after noon last Saturday, followed shortly thereafter by phone service (and of course no cell service out here). Approximately 78 hours, and I counted every single one. No power meant no water pump, being so very careful and only using it to wash my hands after, I did make it thru. No shower, dishes or laundry etc. Power poles (and I am assuming telephone poles) burnt in one of the bad fires east of me. Fires on Highway 20 in both directions west at Kleena Kleene and several east including a biggie around Williams Lake, they are on evacuation alert now for two or more days. Road in and out of town have been closed. Power came back up yesterday (Tuesday) around 5:30 pm, relief. I certainly appreciated my shower last night, even washed my hair twice. The smoke in the valley was a bit difficult to get around, kept all windows shut but could still smell it. And wonder of wonders thunderman and lightfoot expected to visit the area later today, hopefully lightening won't start to many new fires.

Because I can keep busy with things that don't require power, spinning, knitting and reading, finished 2 books in the almost 4 days, got started spinning the next go round for the T d F, a BFL-Silk mix, and am at the heel on second sock for Kristie H. The first T d F bobbins of merino-nylon, second pix the BFL-Silk mix (first 4 oz nearly finished).

Along with the almost camo that I just finished have 10 other bobbins in the plying queue, all with a theme here, all in various shade of greens.

I need to get into town as soon as it is safe to do so, out of milk, bread, all produce, oj, and much more. Will wait until fires around WL are under control, hopefully that won't take until the snow flies.


  1. Glad you're safe, and certainly able to self-entertain! I'm praying that you can soon get into town; not only for the vital supplies, but also because it will mean others are safer, too.

  2. So glad to hear you are safe, I was so worried when you were not posting, my daughter-in-laws parents live in Williams Lake so have been getting updates, am praying that that area gets rain!! Take care

  3. Glad you have power again, and hope no more fires! How scary and what a hassle for you and your neighbors. You were obviously very productive tho!

  4. 78 hours is a long time to be without power. Having to keep the windows shut, and knowing the road in and out was closed would have made me very claustrophobic. I'm glad they got it sorted and your power has now been restored. I'm actually surprised they were able to replace the poles that fast given the conditions they must have been working in. I hope you can make it into town soon, and that conditions improve. A few days of rain, minus an accompanying thunderstorm, would be perfect.

  5. Glad to see your update and all is well!


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