Down my driveway 5 ish yesterday, brought in perishables and planned on the rest today and tomorrow but instead Vera from the Harris ranch came along and brought everything in, in just minutes.


  1. Glad you're home. Good neighbors are a wonderful thing!

  2. So glad and Thankful that you are home , safe and your neighbors helped out with getting you settled !!

  3. Yay!! Hope you and your neighbors didn't have any major damage or loss of animals.... even the bears. Hope to see pics of spinning and socks any day now.

  4. It must feel great to be home, although I imagine you are still on alert and have to be ready to leave again should the fires threaten again. That was wonderful that your neighbour was able to help you when you got home.

  5. Happy Homecoming!! Glad to hear all is well for the moment.

  6. Hope all is well. Keep safe. We're getting lots of smoke/haze from BC fires. Temperature forecast of 100 degrees plus for the next few days.


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