Home maybe today

Highway 20 reopened last night 6 pm so loading car and will head south towards Williams Lake, planning on stopping there for a bit of produce then west towards home. Will be tough seeing all the fire damage especially the big Hanceville-Riske Creek fire (still burning) but now not so close to the road. When I left home thought I might only be gone 3-4 days, over stayed my welcome with BJ and Jim. Was either here or shelter in one of the big evacuee camps. Ever so glad to have been here but time to go. Will likely still be on evacuation alert, with temps predicted to be high and hot (33C-91F) for a couple days next week will push fire rating back to extreme.

Was glad to have had my spinning wheel with me, finished a braid of BFL, spun fairly fine, will do second braid of same stuff and eventually ply it and will make myself socks (to forever be called my refugee socks).


  1. Hope you can find produce - we discovered with hurricanes that the big problem was disrupted distribution to the retail stores. It was like shopping in Russia. You'd go to the store, find empty shelves, except oh, joy - toilet paper restocked!

  2. I hope you have made it home!


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