Whidbey Island

Arrived early today just after 2 pm was lucky my motel room was available, checked and then had 30 minute nap. Spinning tomorrow at the high school gym. May wait until Val arrives with my new folding wagon before trying to haul stuff in.

Hip certainly not comfortable, even the T3's don't help much. Tomorrow might be a chore combined with fun.


  1. Glad to hear you made it o.k.Was just thinking of you, hope the hip is better after a good nights rest, I find riding in the car is the thing that gets my hips, takes a while to be able to walk after I manage to get out of the car.

  2. Hopefully your hip improves for the weekend. I'm glad you'll be getting that folding wagon to help you move your stuff in. Have a great time, Lynne!

  3. Happy spinning Lynne! Maybe you'll be having such a great time it overpowers the hip pain.


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