Knitting bee today and should get a bit more in the way of bodies showing up. For me its another blood donation, last time was two weeks ago and at that time was withing the range that DR wants, now for the last month.

Rained yesterday that plus strong south winds, got rid of almost all snow, just a few smallish patches left in my yard. Was -3° C this morning so trip to Tatla will be on the frost and return home will be in the mud. My driveway will be "pay attention" kind of driving. But would much rather the mud than ice.

Two pair of socks on the go the pair for Kristie is using two colors per row and that is meaning that I use both hands in patterned rows, depending how arthritis is only try for maybe 4-5 rows before taking a break, the second pair is a pair of real Monstersocks with very few rows where I have any kind of pattern. Just using up small balls of odds & sods.

Made 3 Naan bread pizza's last night, with pineapple, mushrooms and a bit of leftover cooked bacon, one for supper and another tonight, will try freezing the last one and see how that works. Really less than excited about cooking anything just now, guess I'll have to fall back onto a big pot of soup, still have two packages of chicken breasts, that along with a large container of chicken broth should do well. Celery, carrots and probably rice will make enuff for 3-4 evening meals.


  1. Best wishes for a fun knitting trip and not too much mud!


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