Had a large Butternut squash in my cold room and finally cooked it in the oven last Monday, cut in half, ate smallest piece two nights in a row, then got out the largest piece yesterday and scooped out the cooked squash and put it in the blender along with two cans chicken broth, oh my goodness. This I will do again. Had enuff for supper last night and will eat it again tonight. Think its one of the best soups I've ever made, course I say that after each batch. But I do like soups of almost all kinds.

Got out on Wednesday for the knitting bee, small attendance Jeanie, Christine and me, it was also blood letting day, this time 2 weeks in between, has now been stable for two times in a row, Dr E called last night and its again in the range they want it to be 2.7.

Took the two electric spinning wheel belts out with me and Christine held the match and we fused them back together, all the fuss and muss of getting them neither one held up for more than 15 minutes, so today will go back plying two bobbins that were about half way when last belt broke.
Newly joined belts didn't last more than 10 minutes this time, now to scramble and try to find another source.

Almost thinking about maybe spring isn't to far in the future, barely got a skiff of snow last night AND IT DIDN'T FREEZE. Unfortunately the forecast is again for colder temps over the next week, several of the main highways into the interior have again got hammered with snow, Fraser Canyon, Coquihalla and what everyone calls the Connector.


  1. Butternut squash soup sounds yummy. Have you thought about adding some curry to it? If you like curry........


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