One Of's

Have 6 bobbins of yarn with nothing else close to matching, so will ply with something as close (maybe) as I can get. Likely will be going into socks so a perfect same color is not necessary.

A week or so ago finally got the orange creme sickle plied, because its relatively fine seems like it took forever to spin and even longer to ply. And no ideas what I had planned for it so will just go into stash until something jumps out at me.

I finally did get to town (5 weeks in between trips), was down to less than a weeks worth of prescriptions so refilled all, got a much needed haircut and Friday morning first thing to the farmers market for real tomatoes. I've enjoyed every single one I've eaten, even just a tomato (large) with cottage cheese, hard boiled egg and toast for supper.

All the plying I've been doing as given me empty bobbins again, for a bit hadn't had anything empty for the Louet S 90 and had been spinning on a different Louet wheel (S 70).

I often give small leftover balls of sock yarn to Christine P at knitting bee, most often they are to small for me to use in my patterns on socks, she doubled the yarn and made a pair of real Monstersocks. I have done a couple of pairs for a friends son but used bigger leftover balls, not so many ends to deal with.

Two weeks now between trips to clinic for blood letting, maybe just maybe INR has finally stabilized. Hope for upcoming winter I will only have to go maybe every three weeks or even a month between trips. Keeping fingers crossed that it is good after yesterdays blood work.


  1. Can't wait to see what you pair all those bobbins with - I'm sure they'll turn into great yarns.

  2. Love the orange, interested to see what you ply the single bobbins with!

  3. Hi Lynne! Thought of you today as we watched some college football. Hope all stays well with you.


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