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Saturday just before midnight was awakened to incredible thunder and lightening show, went on for nearly an hour and seemed stuck right over the valley, then when it quit and cleared off temp dropped to 34°, coldest spot in BC again. Then same show last night (Saturday) but earlier, started around 7 and quit 10ish, both nights following the show, heavy rain, so much so that river came up quite a bit. Nothing like it in the 40+ years I’ve lived here.

Finally got two bobbins of light gray plied, then while in the mood did two bobbins of what I had hoped to be really ugly yarn (I think it is). Planning on socks for me for upcoming winter (rumour has it that it might be a tough one).

Next on plying docket will be the two bobbins of DiCentra's wool.

Sure not much else going on in my wild mountain valley, even the bears have disappeared, think they are all over at Chilko fishing.


  1. It has been a very different summer here in BC compared to the past several years. Hopefully with the cooler temperatures this summer, and the rain, you don't have to worry about forest fires when you have those thunderstorms. I actually quite like the yarn you spun! It will make very bright and cheerful socks to wear this winter!

  2. Would happily give you some of our heat! Tired of the 90's (F) here in Central Florida. I love the "ugly" colors, and they should make nice warm socks in any event. I enjoy hearing about the critters in your area, and hope the bears don't cause trouble....


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