Up Early

Just before 5:30 the geese took off making the wake me up racket. So up to put water on for coffee then to get dressed, just sat down at puter and looked out and saw a black bear ambling this way, grabbed camera and got two pretty fair pix. And the reason I check before opening the door to step out onto the porch. Bear spent a minute or so licking off the dead bugs on front of the car

Just the price I pay for the mountain view.


  1. And we find it noteworthy if we see a racoon or possum in the yard! A small article on the front of yesterday's paper was about a black bear raiding hen houses and killing a sheep in the county. Not sure how I'd react if I looked out and saw a grizzly.

  2. Great pictures Lynne! It was very considerate of the bear to clean off your car for you. Nature's car wash!

  3. Yum, a delicacy - smooshed bugs!

  4. Nice of him to keep all four feet on the ground while he had a snack!!!


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