Finished the second bobbin of the variegated pinks & reds, spun fine enuff that when plied it should be close to DK weight. Nearly 8 oz on each. Still have enuff left over from 2nd braid to make a pretty good start on #3, then 2 full braids still to do. I usually get bored after this much of the same color but there is enuff variegation to wonder what will be next.

Also finished the first pair of socks for Miss M, she will be heading off to K in September, can wear warm wool socks on wait for school bus. 1st sock of second pair just past heel, same colours but in different places. Also planning on a couple of pair for the older brother, thinking now I will prolly hold two strands of sock yarn tog to make thicker and hopefully warmer socks for active boy.

So far today no critters. YET. Several are wondering if I feel safe in here with bear activity, always tell them that I'd rather have the 4 legged predators around than the 2 legged carrying guns.


  1. Very happy cheery cherry colored socks - great variegated yarn. I imagine Miss M will love them. I think my feet would tingle in that much color.

  2. Absolutely love the colorful socks!I am amazed at the amount of spinning you do!


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