Went into town last Friday for Williams Lakes annual spinning day, 48 spinners showed up and a good time was had by all. Vendors down this year because of other things in their lives, the ones there did really well. Alice had a full table of stuff she was destashing from her fiber, I bought $7 of a fiber called Teddy Bear from Louet, might be 6-7 oz total. Only thing that went wrong all day was when several tried to pull table loaded with the lunch away from the wall, leg folded and everything crashed onto to the floor. Fortunately ladies had more food in kitchen to put out.


Only other thing I brought home was a bad cold, first one in well over a year. Starting to feel better now every day. Had to go to Tatla for more blood letting yesterday, would have much preferred to stay home and as soon as I got home had a 90 minute nap. Soon hope INR stabilizes.

Two more smallish bundles of BFL-Silk mix found, had been in the basket from last falls Desert Mesa. Both will go into the stuff I will be spinning for the Tour de Fleece.

Haven't seen the griz since I wrote about it, but know either he or his friends are still around because of offerings left behind on my driveway.


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