Another bobbin and another bear

Third bobbin finished this morning and started straight away on #4. Quite a bit left from the 3rd braid so will get a lot on #4 before getting into the 4th braid (7.50 oz). Still haven't a clue what I will do with all this yarn, add it to my ever growing stash.

On the Monstersock list is a group making 'fatties', hadn't paid much attention to it until last night, started with page one and read all until page 13. Knitting with two strands of sock yarn tog to make thicker socks, for boots or even house slippers. I need to make a couple of pair for Maela's big brother so am combining a ball of variegated Opal with lots of blues and greens, so far so good. I cast on 44 stitches on 3.25 mm DP's, its making a nice thick (but still soft) fabric).


The bear (black) came running up from the south and then under the fence and into bushes on east side of fence. Never did slow down long enuff to present himself for a pix. So now up to 5 3 blacks and 2 griz.


  1. where is this monster sock list?interesting

  2. I get inspiration from your projects- I've got to get back to knitting socks! Love the bear pics and stories too. Glad you are doing well now Lynne.


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