1st Grizzly of 2016

8:30 pm just shutting down puter and looked up and saw big griz right in yard over by the driveway, took pix thru window, light wasn't the best but can definitely tell its a griz. Wish I could have got a pix with its head up , to busy eating grass to do so. Will be verra careful loading the car in the morning, its now parked right at the steps of the porch.

Finished first braid of the variegated red Falkland wool, will take the next braid into town to spin at the Williams Lake spin in.


  1. I've been known to spot timid rabbits coming out to snack at that time of night. You clearly are in a whole 'nother class of wildlife!
    Although my wildest concerns here would be a puma, a coyote, or an alligator, I am much more concerned about avoiding these new Tzika mosquitoes.

  2. Admired those braids you found & really, really like yarn it makes!! What a great color.

  3. Good thing bears don't like spinning wheels & yarn!!

  4. Both things are amazing - the grizzly bear AND your beautiful yarn. Stay safe!


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