Finishing Monstersocks

Two pair of socks finished, one pair needed afterthought heel the second about 3 inches of the foot, both now are done, another pair within a few inches of the toe on first sock of that pair. Once third pair is finished will get at the pair for Kristie, this will be my traveling pair to work on while in various places on the road.

First pix is a pair that has been on the needles since early December this pair likely will go into my sock drawer. 2nd is the pair that just needed the afterthought heel, also on the needles for more time than I can remember. Glad to have both pair finished.

Talked to a friend down near Vancouver this morning and will stay there for two nights before heading down to Whidbey for their annual spinning weekend. Have things figured out that I will be able to haul everything inside to spinning room in just one trip. Spinning wheel on luggage cart along with lg Maggie bag with all small stuff inside, then just purse, and bag of spinning fiber. The Maggie bag will have my Louet tool kit along with sandwich, camera, oil bottle, plus all other small goodies. Its quite a walk from parking to spinning room and if I have to make two trips hip will be screaming loudly at me. There are several handicapped parking places right in front but the vendors take them first thing to unload, then sometimes think they forget to move when finished.

Found the perfect cuff to cuff cardigan from Dancing Leaf web page, so perfect I bought the pattern. When I can find a pix that I can post will add it or to the next blog.

Cut finger healed nicely.


  1. Terrific monster socks, Lynne! Looking forward to seeing you when you're down.

  2. We are planning to go to Whidby too. Look forward to seeing you there. Terry N

  3. Jewel-like monster socks - wonderful. If I ever retire, I can't wait to get up to Whidby and all the beautiful knit places up north. Have a good one.

  4. Love your Monstersocks and all your socks!


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