Williams Lake Spin In 2015

Another very successful spin in, got there early with Denise so was able to get pix of the rows of empty chairs. Soon started filling up, believe I heard that 47 were registered, several gals came from Kamloops, Fay from Avola, and even a few from lower mainland (I think).

In the order (I think)
My Maggie bag with fibre that I was hoping to start spinning, didn't quite get there.
Tables all set up for lunch.
Empty chairs first thing after arriving.
2 rows filled with spinners and wheels.
Cake donated by guild member (when I find out her name will add it to blog).

Click on pix to make bigger.

Sunday morning I headed south down thru the Okanagan crossed border at Osoyoos then south via the back roads towards Spokane, leaving Spo direction (ended up not going to Spokane afterall), headed west and south ending up in Portland to see a friend not doing so very well, in the hospital by the time I got there with pneumonia, so only a very brief visit but she knows I was there. Now heading north, will be back in BC Wednesday mid day, gathering up the rest of the wonderful bags of books from Carol T., leaving Thursday meeting Kristie and her friend Lynda at Timmies in Chillawack, coffee and lunch stop. Back north to Williams Lake after visit and lunch, ending up back at Denise's, then home Friday. Phew, tired just reading where I've been and still have to go. So far haven't bought anything I will have to declare (6 pack of Coke Zero and a bag of pretzels), want to get pepper jack cheese (Tillamook), best I've had. And I think that will be it. No yarn or fibre, amazing that I'm down here and haven't bought anything. Did check in at Sears for the brand of underwear that I like but they no longer carry the product, heck & darn. The 2 Sears that I usually go to have both closed, Bellis Fair and the next one down at Cascade Mall. Gone wondering if that isn't going to be the fate of Sears. Weather has been perfect for a road trip, even got warm enuff yesterday that I ran A/C.


  1. The Spin In looks like a lot of fun! It is great visiting with kindred spirits!


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