More green stuff

Have now run out of two of the greens, poking around found a small amount of green kid mohair, fits nicely in the mix, then found a merino-mohair blend that might work. Its actually a blend of maybe 5 or 6 colors, will give it a try and see if my hands can turn out what I see in my mind. Even if it isn't what I'm looking for will be usable yarn for something.

Bobbin #1 is I am guessing over half full.

The new green kid mohair.

The merino-mohair blend.

12:30 well that batch didn't work, so kept looking and found a couple of 4 oz bags of something called Green Goddess a merino-tussah silk mix, perfect.

My wild mountain valley is full of smoke, from the big fire up south-west of Prince George, the wind when conditions are right bring smoke down into the valleys. There is another fire just west of Anahim Lake about 75 air miles from Tatlako. Good time to stay indoors with my spinning wheel and knitting. The rain that fell yesterday was most welcome, not nearly enuff but will take what ever amount. Tuff for the holiday travelers but fire season is underway, there is even a camp fire ban in place, its that bad already.


  1. Amazing how far the smoke travels! Yuck. Good to stay in and spin until the air quality improves. Definitely an early start to the fire season this year.


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