Getting ready

For upcoming NwRSA trip, started laundry first thing this morning and promptly washed a Kleenex, doesn't stay tog any better than I last time I tried. Took everything outside to shake it in the wind, still had to vacuum up some pieces. 3 loads done, last in the machine now.

Yesterday while spinning I saw a flash of a deer in panic mode running for its life, about 50 feet behind was either a wolf or coyote, happened to fast to know for sure.

Last nights storm with lots of lightening, Thunderman and Lightfoot followed by enuff rain that if something was set ablaze the rain took care of it.

Back 3rd or 4th ish of June.

Sunday 9:45 Finished the 2nd bobbin of the mixed greens, then folded spinning wheel and got it in its traveling bag, will load in the car tomorrow.


  1. Have fun and drive carefully, Lynne!

  2. I saw Kristie this afternoon and she passed on the Elizabeth Zimmermann books. Thank you very much Lynne. What a treasure they will be to read - I am starting with "Knitter's Almanac" published in 1974. Thank you again.

    I am knitting along on a "long" sock. I was very inspired by your Monster Socks. Maybe we will meet again.....



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