Finally got to town, went in Tuesday and did a a whole lot of running around, then headed up to friends just before 5 to crash, then Wednesday morning started just after 8 am by getting car filled w/ gas, then to Kal tire to have tire pressure checked, wheels re torqued, Margetts Meats (didn’t buy anything) and then to SaveOn for a pretty good grocery order, just about everything green they sell, kale, spinach, mixed organic salad greens, head lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cilantro, celery, cucumbers, green beans, sugar snap peas, then 2 each large red, orange and yellow peppers, and a spaghetti squash, so last night for supper had a large salad. Will have same again tonight along with some of the rotisserie chicken I bought. Am I happy you bet. And best of all the roads were bare and dry both ways. Lucas car unloader came down from school bus and had car unloaded in just over 10 minutes, best $20 I spend. Had 4 flats of water (24 bottles each) and he is strong enuff to carry two at a time. And just in time snow forecast for today and again tomorrow. Haircut within 10 minutes of getting to town, first I’ve had since the middle of December, so much needed.

Planning on messing around with the Ashford blending board I have, will use up lots of bits of leftovers and make wild and funky sock yarns, certainly have enuff scraps to fill several bobbins and then once I am better at doing it will try planned colours. A friend in Oregon has been making some incredible combos, I have had board for some time (last spring) and was afraid I’d not do it right but last nights attempt didn’t come out to bad so will continue on and see what I end up with.

99% of snow in yard is gone, driveway is even muddy (trust me thats way better than the solid ice it was for almost two weeks), soon with wind and sunshine it will start to dry up. I’m planning on going down to Whidbey Island the end of March, will be good to see green grass and flowers as well as lots of friends I only get to see once a year. And am thinking about a new car this year, will probably get another Subaru (full time all wheel drive) likely another Outback. The 2006 Forester I now have need to be retired and driven around town on pavement by another ole lady.


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