Pride goeth before a screw up.

I've made more than a few pair of socks and I should know how to cast on correctly, NOT. Just after Downton Abbey last night cast on (I thought) for Isabel's second Monstersock, first time got number of stitches right and promptly started knitting with the tail, wasn't gonna work, so pulled everything out and started again, this time to have first three stitches (beginning of cast on) slide off the needle, OK I can do this so started over once more, 72 stitches on 2.5 mm needles. By Jove I think I got it, proceeded to knit the first row as I always do and found I was 6 stitches short on first needle, thought I could at least count to 18, apparently not. 4th time was the charm and by now after getting a couple of rows into ribbing figured it was time out before I did something else stupid. Pix is the first sock, problem free.

Cleaned out my box where I stash ball leftover from various other projects, thought maybe this batch might make an interesting pair of Monstersocks. Maybe, just maybe it might be next after the 2nd brown-ly Monstersock is done.

The freezing rain in the forecast for last Friday turned out to be just rain and lots of it 20.7 mm about what we usually get all winter (not counting snow of course), made puddles in my yard big enuff for ducks to be landing on, then Saturday the mess froze and my driveway is mostly ice. Am guessing 95% of snow disappeared.


  1. That must have been quite the Downton Abbey episode last night to throw you off like that, Lynne! :-)

  2. Good to know you make mistakes like the rest of us!!!

  3. A beautiful sock! I hope that you can get number two worked out! xx

  4. Obviously your mind wasn't on your knitting! Hope you've got it ok now. Those are going to be fabulous socks! (as always)

  5. I love your colourful mittens and socks. I wonder; do you have a special system or pattern when you combine the colours? Or do you randomly create patterns as you knit? I think this would be a wonderful way to use small amounts of leftover sockyarn from former projects.

    1. Random patterns and change colors often sometimes half way thru the pattern, makes them look far more complicated than they actually are. Some pair are all leftovers and usually fraternal.


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