Fraternal socks

Finally finished Isabel's Monstersocks, she wanted fraternal and they really are. Do hope I haven't gone overboard with them.

Ended up having to go back to town Monday this week for a visit with my favorite Dentist (NOT), badly cracked tooth. My appointment wasn't until 4:40 Monday thus guaranteeing I couldn't make it home before dark and as it turned out had to stay over to get repairs finished on Tuesday. Lighter in the wallet but tooth is good to go again.

Woke up yesterday to a skiff of snow and it was gone by noon, today's snow is coming at a tad bit colder temps and looking like it might stick, especially since its still snowing. Nothing to complain about we here on the almost west coast have had an incredibly mild winter, Vancouver ski mountains didn't fare very well this year at all, most have been closed for the last month or so.

Need to make two more pairs of socks both out of colors I didn't have in my stash, so ordered Cascade Heritage wool-silk mix from Paradise Fibers in Spokane, and will be raising my prices on socks to $50, still prolly only getting $1 an hour, but am not doing it for the money just a love of wild & crazy socks with as many colors as I can squeeze in.

On this weeks trip to town I found frozen chicken livers in Safeway, one of my favorites. One more meal with leftovers then will thaw a pkg. and have salad, livers and rice.


  1. Very fun usual.......

  2. All of your socks are beautiful Lynne!


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