Life in the slow lane

Watching two squirrels chasing each other on the driveway side of the fence, one will duck into a long dead Saskatoon bush (grizzly trashed it several years ago), then the other comes flying across the open hillside. I'm sure they both are being smart by running so fast just in case an eagle or coyote makes an appearance.

Another little blast of arctic air, -28°C (18° below zero F), am ever so grateful to Sam for getting my furnace going again, without it I would have had to head elsewhere until this stretch passes by. I warm up buckwheat bag in microwave just before getting in bed and its been keeping my feet warm until early morning, briefly thought about nuking it again at just after 5 am but by the time I thunk on it just decided to stay up.

Boiled the ham bone this morning and have now added a split pea mixture to the mix, once bone and leftover ham are cool enuff to handle will get the remaining meat off the bone and back into the pot, onion already in, carrots diced into small pieces and some celery will go in soon. Many meals of pea soup, the best part of my Christmas ham.

Finished the pinkie Monstersocks last night, got all the ends dealt with this morning. Lots of leftover bits from other projects. Next will be another pair of Monstersocks for Isabel, brown will be main colour, then more leftovers and will even get into a few new balls that go well with the brown.

Have really been enjoying the World Junior hockey games, the guys are there to play the game very little fighting or dirty play, they know they will be ejected if they get into it.


  1. Beautiful monster socks as usual! I'm on the second sock of a pair I am knitting for a birthday present the end of January. Want to knit a pair of finger-less mitts after the socks. I have a long project list for 2015. 2015 is Year of the Sheep -hopefully that means a prosperous "FO" year for spinners and knitters of wool.

  2. The pinks are great! Nice and cheery for winter weather

  3. Those are really pretty! I have to thank you - I made loads of socks last year ( 26 pairs, I think - which I think of as loads but probably won't compare to your output!!! ) but had never thought to mix yarns and colours. So I have a couple of boxes of 'ends' of balls. Then my daughter arrived with half a suitcase of her ends too. When she left I looked at some of the really rather special yarns and decided they were too good and too pretty for an 'oddments' blanket, which had been my original plan. So I am busily making striped socks. I'm not sure I'd have thought of that possibility if I hadn't been following your blog for a while! So thank you very much for the inspiration!
    It's barely got below freezing here in the north of England - and whilst I realise you must like it cold those temperatures you are reporting are scary !!! You keep warm now !!

    All the best


  4. I LOVE those socks! But, I'm a pink & purple person . . . . . Glad to hear you had heat for this last cold spell. The Wednesday Nite Knitters are not fond of Lynnesicles, we'd much rather see you warm & knitting!! We had our own little deep freeze on the Coast for the last couple of days but it came with brilliant sunshine so most of us don't mind a bit.

  5. Fun to read about life in the Far North. See you on Whidbey in April?

    1. We arrive Oak Harbor Friday late afternoon. Then to
      High School Saturday morning.


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