The 1st Knee Sock

Finished last night, and have already cast on for 2nd. Hope it doesn't take another 3+ months to knit. Don't have any other projects on the go right this minute but am sure that will change over the time it takes to work on this one. And will I ever take on another pair of knee socks, nah I don't think so, someone please shoot me if I even slow down to think about same. The pix I took showing progress and last the finished sock, all ends taken care of. Actually worked on taking care of ends as I knit the sock so last night had only a half dozen to deal with.

Weather continues mild, after seeing the news this morning makes me glad I live where I do. Altho this situation can change at any time.

Last night just before my shower took on a self inflicted homey. Took the scissors to the sides of my hair, took off at least 2 inches just around ear area, feels ever so much better, next will have a go at some of the curly mess on top.


  1. That knee sock is gorgeous! They can seem to take forever though compared to regular socks. I have knit a couple of pairs for my oldest daughter, and even without all your fancy colourwork they seemed a chore. Smart you to weave in the ends as you went along!


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