Unusually mild for January in the mountains of BC, 36° F high for today with a strong Chinook wind blowing, see the odd snowflake coming so maybe later today we might get some of the white stuff (much needed).

I finished this pair of socks just before Christmas and going back to work on the first knee sock. Got it out of small project bag today and finished all the ends, looks better now than it did while I was working on them.

Have 30 rows of ribbing on 92 stitches on second knee sock and 13 rows of the first pattern, oh geez the colors got scrambled. Will make sure the next pattern is close to first sock then may well mix the rest up. Or so I am now thinking.

Had a phone call from a long time friend in Ontario wondering if I was lonely or depressed over the holidays, told her no not a chance, to much going on, World Junior hockey games on the telly, the knee sock to figure out, and even got at spinning wheel on several different days. Cooked a turkey breast so I could eventually make soup (and it was an outstanding batch), think she said she and her SO went out for Chinese on the day, no thanks. Now after talking to her realize that she is the one depressed. But then a steady diet of day time soaps will do that to a person.

Eagles in trees around my place must be neighbor is calving, they tend to hang around just in case.


  1. Beautiful colors in those socks - you do such a great job colorwise (knitting wise too) on your socks.


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